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Sea Stories Winners Announced

We were amazed and charmed by the wonderful, wild and well-told sea stories we received over the course of the four months we ran this little contest. We read some gripping and some truly funny and some simply amazing tales that you sent to us.

We also read some urban legends, well-crafted material from young writers, and a salty tale or two.

Again, thank you to each of you who submitted sea stories to us. Some of our panel of judges are still knitting their brows, or laughing out loud when they think about some of the situations they read about in your submissions.

Honorable Mention

With a rousing tale about learning to sail by just pitching in on race night on English Bay in British Columbia's fabulous costal waters, congratulations to Shane Walters, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada who contributed "A Novice on a Fast Boat."

Third Place

Here's a tale about trading six feet of freeboard for about four inches of same, and the dangers of backing off the gas when he shoulda been pouring on the coals, congratulations to Mark Guy Findlay with his "Florida Cougars."

Second Place

With all due respect to our Canadian friends and their monitary forms, here's a ship's log covering we think about 14 days of boating on Lake Ontario, complete with read-aloud spelling for live party consumption by groups. Congratulations to Rich Hartt who contributed "Hartt's Desire Log."

First Place

One of our favorites in this genre, here's a sea story with character, unwritten dialog, dramatic tension, and a fill-in-the-blanks ending. A tip of the cap to Captain David P Kyser for his contribution "The Storm on the Banks."


These stories detail events that you should not try to duplicate. In some stories, the names have been altered slightly to protect the innocent.