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Comments in 2010 from Clients about the opening of LYS

Vera wrote: "Good Luck Kent!"

Karen wrote: "Congratulations!"

John wrote: "Congratulations!!!"

Amy wrote: "Good luck!"

Gary wrote: "Wow! What a move. Let me know what I can do to help you kick this off."

"Kent, now that's it official (and long overdue), let me be your first brokerage listing. George"

Rene wrote: "Wow, that is quite a surprise. Stacy and I wish you all the best and if we can ever assist with a reference let us know; what will you be selling?"

Randy wrote: "It should be big"

Steve wrote: "Best of luck to you, Kent. I hope all works out splendidly for you!"

Barrett wrote: "Good luck Kent. Hopefully we can do some deals together. Let me know if you need any West coast help. -B"

Tom wrote: "Good for you and Best of Luck."

Chris wrote: "The best of luck to you, Kent! I will always recommend you!"

Kent-Congratulations and best wishes!! Harless

I wish you much success in your new venture. Fu

Congratulations Kent. I wish you all the best on your new endeavor. Carlos

Congratulations Kent. Best regards, David

Congrats on your new gig Kent!, Joe

Thanks for the update. I will try and stop by and see you. James

Congratulations! I think you are timing it just right, just as the economy is moving into recovery. I know you will do great. I assure you that I will recommend you to ANYONE I know who is thinking about buying a boat. Bryan

Kent, Congratulations on your new endeavor. Best of luck and I am sure you will excel. Jeff

Hi Kent: Congratulations and good luck with your new endeavor. I'll see you in your new location. Bill

Kent, Long, long, overdue. All the very best and Regards to you and your family. Gavin

Congratulations Kent! Best of fortune with the new venture. : )-John

Nice positive notice. Again, best of success and congratulations. I have talked to several people in the yachting community in the last few days and all feel this is a good move for you. Bill

Best of luck, Bill

I see your moving, keep me in your contact because you never know when I need a boat ! Joe

Good luck Kent...hopefully, one day soon, i will get active looking for another boat....I wish you well in your new digs. Good luck! Ashley

Hey Kent - Congratulations and good to hear the news! I'll send referrals your way. Greg

Kent, Congratulations! I wish you the very best! While I was treated well at Sea Lake; to me, "YOU" were "Sea Lake"! I never really worked with anyone else. We'll be returning from Colorado early next week. Lock the doors - we're coming to see you! Don't get excited, we're not shopping for a new boat! Dave & Kathy

Hope all goes well for you Kent...........Cheers, David

Good luck! Rob

Good luck in your new adventure! Will soon be in the market for a sailboat to be docked in Tampa area... you know I will only buy with your help. Best of luck Anders

Kent, Looks like a great location and office. Look forward to working with you. Best Regards, Geoff

Kent, Good luck with your new business. Will you be brokering only or have a new line of boats as well? Chris

Hey there, just got your note…Congratulations and good luck! We will stop by and see you in your new digs when we get the chance. Mark

Congratulations, hope to be able to attend your open house. Rick

Hey Kent. Congratulations. I hope all goes well for you on your new adventure. Best wishes to you. Please let me know if I can be of help in the future. Ray

Good luck with your business. Keep in touch. Mary & Al

Good Luck, Kent Eric

Kent: You have come a long way from that apt. on Ocean Dr. CONGRATULATIONS I'm proud of you. Good Luck, Bill

Kent, Good luck in your new endeavors, Maarten

Deb wrote: "Wow Big news ..Good luck Kent!!!! and Congratulations!!!!!!!!!"

Kent, Congratulations on the move. Having started my own business 5 ½ years ago, I can appreciate the courage it takes, regardless of how great the opportunity might be. Best wishes. One of these days, I still anticipate having the opportunity to start pestering you again about our next yacht! Thanks, Dave

Congratulations Kent—STAN

Congrats! Heather

Kent,Best of luck mate, look forward to a beer with you sometime soon,I am heading off to the Bahamas in January (following Bruce Van Sant as per your advice) Cheers, Peter

I wish you the best of luck and success; and hope we can do something i the future. Wayne


Nothing like waiting for a great market to begin a new venture! Jim

Good luck to you! I'll stop by next time I'm in that area! Alvin


Good luck. You’ve got what it takes to run your own business remember us when your retiring in key west soon, mike and tammy

Congratulations Kent! Dion

Congratulations on opening your own shop Kent! Michael

Kent, Congratulations and good luck on the move. I hope everything works out. I have every intention of coming back to Little Yacht Sales, Clay

Congrats and Please Stay in Touch.......Sandy

Kent, Best wishes for your new business. Clif

Hi Kent- Good for you- congratulations! I'm enjoying the Beneteau 311 you hooked me up with back in April. Nice boat and with some new batteries in it has been working like a champ. Thanks again- MKS

Kent, Bill & I are happy for your new adventure! We will continue to email and check in with you. Our best regards, Rene & bill

Good for you! Good Luck. Mark

Kent, It sounds like they gave you an offer you couldn’t refuse. Please pass along your new contact info. Good luck. Bill

Best of luck...you're a neat guy and will do well. Best regards, Frank and Therese

Kent: Congratulations on your new venture. Keep me posted. Justin

Good Luck to you ! Lars

Congratulations! Really cool Kent. I know you're a loss to Sea Lake, but wish you all the best. If there is anything I can do to help or assist, let me know. I'll be happy to throw in. Kevin

You'll do well. I'm sending a friend. He's trying to sell his ……. Fishing boat. The boat is here in HarborWalk. He will move it to Kemah if necessary. Good Luck, Norris

Well, Kent, congratulations on getting out on your own. I'm sure Vince and the gangs are sorry to see you go. Best wishes for your new venture. Dan

Hello Kent, Congratulations and best of luck with your new venture and location!!Bobby

Congratulations! What great news. Dave and I are very excited for you and know that you will be very successful in your new venture. . Good luck! I think it will be great. Mary

Hi Kent, Best of luck on your new venture. Glenn

Kent...congratulations on your new adventure...I know you will be instantly successful.....I will stop by at your Open House or whenever I am in the area...best personal regards...Dexter

Congratulations! Always good to see people you know taking risks and being successful. No intent to buy anytime soon, but will give you a call if we see the need. Take care, Danny

Kent. Wishing you good luck on your new venture. Next time I get to clear lake I will stop in. Henry

Congratulations on the upcoming new space, Kent!

I look forward to working with you down the road when I'm ready to buy and Thanks again for the answers to my questions. Best of Luck! Daniel

Kent! Congratulations! Wishing you and your team the best of sales! Sara and Craig

Congratulations Kent! I look forward to doing business in the future with Little Yacht Sales. I want you to know that all of our boats are available to you for co-brokerage and look forward to your success. Mike Corso-Flagship Yachts

Best of luck to you Kent! KIRK

Hey Kent, congrats on going out and doing your own thing. Ethan

Well the rumor I heard a couple of days ago is true.......you have left SeaLake. I wish you the very best of luck in your new venture. Karol-JM Yachts

Congrats on your new opportunity.

Kent, We'll be expecting good things from you as "the cream always rises to the top". Congratulations!! Kelly

Congratulations and Best of Luck from Barbara and me. Alan

Kent, I wish you BEST of LUCK!!!! I’m Looking forward to seeing your new set up. Bill

Good luck Kent. We'll stop by and see you at your new place.

Hi Kent, Catherine and I wish you the best on your new venture. Caramba being on Pier 7, we will have the pleasure to see you often. Never hesitate to mention my name as a reference about your qualifications. All the best, John

Dan wrote: "Good luck Kent!"

Hi Kent, Congratulations and wishing you all the best for your new venture. Your expertise, professional approach, and experience will take you even further. We will still be in touch in the future for that "right" boat. Regards, George

Kent, The best of luck to you on your new endeavor. Nancy and I have always appreciated your help, and there is no one else that I would talk to if we were looking for boat. Congratulations! Paul

Hi Kent, All the best for your new venture though it seems there's little change really. With the Aussie dollar just about at parity with the USD its a good time to be buying in the USA except that the market here is still dead. However, we're hopeful that it will pick up in the new year. All the signs are there. I also thought I'd give you an insight into the pleasure that Moonlight Shadow has given Rae and I. After we unloaded her in Brisbane in February 2008 we spent some six months sailing the Queensland coast from Brisbane to the Whitsunday Islands and back, about a thousand miles in all. The following winter 2009 we sailed her to her new home in Perth, Western Australia by way of Cape York and Darwin, about four thousand miles. We fitted a watermaker for the trip as there are long stretches along the northern coasts of Queensland and Western Australia that are very remote. In fact, over the two weeks that we sailed the thousand miles between Darwin and Broome we saw one other yacht, the only other human beings in sight. I have separately sent you a link to my Facebook site where you can take a look at some of the pics. Gary & Rae SV Moonlight Shadow

Congratulations. I wish you the best and great success. You will always be my boat broker. Jack


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