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LIMG Cash Back Referral Program - Earn Money Through Referrals


LIMG Cash Back Referral Program - Earn Money Through Referrals

We all know that spending money in boating is easy. LIMG now offers an opportunity to earn money simply by referring someone else to sell their boat with us. As long as the seller has not bought or sold a boat with us in the past - they qualify! All the referral has to do - is list their boat for sale with LIMG. At the time of sale - you will earn 1% of the final selling price (eg. Joe refers his buddy Barack to us. Barack lists his 34 Sea Ray with us and it sells for $100,000.00. At the time of sale - LIMG writes Joe (you) a check for $1000.00.) Its that simple! Now that is dollars and change you can believe in. Simply submit the name and vessel of the person you are referring. If the owner of the vessel mentions your referral and we list their boat for sale with LIMG your referral will be recorded. If LIMG subsequently sells the boat - your Reward is processed immediately. It couldn't get easier than that!
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Offer not valid for referral of boats previously listed with LIMG or affiliated with customers of LIMG. Reward shall be the lesser of 1% of the net selling price of the boat or 10% of the net Commission from the sale.

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