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If you have not experienced this escape from normal life, IT IS TIME! Whether you choose to charter a "bare boat", or opt for a fully crewed luxury yacht, we encourage you to contact us at Ledger Marine Charters, with over fifty years experience in the charter yacht industry since 1947. We have the experience to place you on the proper yacht and help you choose any of the magnificent destinations of the Pacific Northwest, Canada, or Alaska.

Ledger Marine Charters can provide Bareboats to qualified skippers ranging from 30 feet to 72 feet, and we have full access to Crewed Yachts from 40 feet to 175 feet, all for cruising the incredible waters of the Northwest and beyond.

Let us help you create the ideal itinere for your cruise. With our experinece we can create the greatest charters in the industry. From a simple cruise in the San Juan Islands to a more complex cruise to the north we have expertise and knowledge of the right yacht in the right location to make your vacation incredible memories. The adventures over the past 50 years have consistently provided rave reviews!

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