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KM Yachtbuilders is dedicated to the construction of aluminium custom-built sailing yachts of any design up to 100 feet. This means that our customers have their yachts built exactly to their own requirements and wishes. Tailor made!
KM Yachtbuilders builds yachts from all designers, for some of them we have a special label:

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Bestevaer and Bestewind are designed by Dykstra Naval Architects, built exclusively by KM Yachtbuilders. The Bestevaer comes in various types and sizes.
The Bestewind is an exception to all other, aluminium, yachts because it is build in GRP, only available in 50ft.

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Stadtship is designed by Van de Stadt Design, built exclusively by KM Yachtbuilders. Already built in 47, 54, 56, 58 and 70ft, but designs are available in various types and sizes, fully customizable.

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Owners of yachts we have built sail alone, as a couple, occasional with family and friends or with a crew. Easy sail handling, double or single handed sailing, safety, low maintenance, comfort and good sailing qualities are a must. The preferred areas they go to are usually high latitudes and locations such as Spitsbergen, Iceland, Greenland, etc. But you can encounter a KM Yachtbuilders yacht everywhere you go on the globe!

Featured Boat
photo of 53' Bestevaer 53ST
53' Bestevaer 53ST
2012 €895,000

The “Suse” is a Bestevaer 53ST model. The Bestevaer series is a logical evolution of an earlier design that has already proven its outstanding qualities as a fast cruising yacht. The Bestevaer 53ST does not follow the current trend toward ships with increased cabin height and modern central cockpit’s, but offers besides the comfort and excellent sailing performances the beautiful classic design with a modern hull designed by Gerard Dijkstra.

The Bestevaer 53ST is the most succesfull of the Bestevaer series of which a number of ships have been built. Those ships have proven to be no nonsense, reliable blue-water yachts with excellent sailing properties. New design features of the Bestevaer 53ST are, for instance, an improved sail plan and deck lay-out for easy handling. Tried and tested technology is used. The ship is soundly built, well equipped and has excellent handling qualities. The designer Gerard Dijkstra has given a great deal of attention to good sailing qualities, short handed operation, comfort, safety, good sailing qualities when under power, storage space, and service friendliness. The Bestevaer 53ST meets all of these aspects and is a vessel, which can access every sea or ocean due to its outstanding hull design. The interior design and lay-out, storage room and equipment give a commodious stay aboard. The Bestevaer 53ST is in fact a custom built yacht, therefore, many requirements for interior layout and equipment are taken into consideration.


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