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JM YACHTS, Inc. image Jerry Moulder, CPYB

Gulf Coast Yacht Brokers' Association
2004 Yacht Broker of the Year
2006-07 Don Dunlap Memorial Award

My boating life started way back in 1955 (yes, I am really that old) with a summer job driving a fishing boat for a friend of the family. I learned much that year but the overwhelming lesson was that I need to fish! As I grew older, went to college and off to corporate America (where the companies I worked for kept trying to make me a landlubber), the sea, the sails and the fish kept pulling me back to where I belonged so, more than 15 years ago, I left it all to become a Yacht Broker. This was quite a risk for a family man with three children, but the risk was worth it - especially since JM YACHTS opened in 2003. I don't get to fish as often as I would like to, but I can see water, boats and a few fish jumping outside the office every day and know that this is definitely the life for me.

Member Yacht Brokers' Association of America, Member & Past Treasurer Gulf Coast Yacht Brokers’ Association, Member Texas Mariners' Cruising Association

Email - jerry@jmyachts.com jerry@jmyachts.com

JM YACHTS, Inc. image Glen Adams

From the earliest stage, my life was basted with sea water, and hearing the call of the open ocean. Growing up in Drake and Raleigh’s villages spiced my early life with tales of the impossible made real, and even while at University the West Country and it’s maritime history drummed away quietly but ceaselessly in the background. After a few years in international maritime business after university, I took to the high seas professionally. For the better part of 2 decades I lived aboard my Cheoy Lee Clipper 42 and LaFitte44 sailboats, practiced storm sailing and plied the delivery routes. From an apprenticeship of many ocean deliveries as First Mate with my dear friend Capt. Jack Davis I went on to delivering vessels myself for many more years in the Gulf and Atlantic and Caribbean seas. After meeting my lovely wife and getting married in 2002, I began to wind down my deliveries and seek a vocation closer to home. And so I began a career as in on-demand trucking for the oil patch and heavy industry. Eventually, I suffered a knee injury that caused some curtailing of activity, and serendipitously began my next salty career with JM Yachts shortly thereafter in 2012. My aim has always been for the highest and most consistent integrity and ethics in all my dealings, personal and professional. I take great pleasure in finding the right boat for a buyer, and the right owner for a boat on the market. As a delivery skipper, I grew to love the liveliness and character of the boats I was privileged to sail through the years. Life is too short to not do justice to these glorious creatures of the sea – both the boats and the sailors headed to sea in them deserve our best efforts at all times. I would be honored to put my energy and efforts to work for you. I do and will follow through diligently for all of my clients both before and after the sale – and would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate JM YACHTS’ award-winning high quality service. .

Email - glen@jmyachts.com glen@jmyachts.com

JM YACHTS, Inc. image Gil Villalobos

I first fell in love with boats when as a 3rd grader my dad took us kids on a trip to the docks to see the fishing and shrimp boats. I was fascinated by the movement of the boats as they moved through the water and the different assortment of boats that were out there. Then as a fourth grader, I saw my first sailboat and I was “WOWED'! That's when I decided that someday I would have my own ocean going sailboat. I spent many hours at the library reading all I could find on building your own sailboat . Then in the seventh grade, I bought a row boat and converted it into a sailboat and from then on, as life and funds permitted, I bought, fixed up and sold sailboats of all types. I graduated from Sam Houston State University in 1972 and after serving in the United States Marine Corps I went to work at a family drafting and design business. While doing this I developed my other love and played professional golf which progressed into teaching golf full time in 1993. It was then that I began to buy and sell sailboats again. WHAT A LIFE! Somewhere in there I managed to have a great family which produced two boys and two girls and now nine grandkids. None of my kids took up pro golf but two of them love sailing. My current wife says my next boat will cost me a new car for her ! I feel at home around the water and boats. I also enjoy helping families find the boat of their dreams while making the purchasing of one enjoyable. I take my job and duties as a yacht broker seriously and am firmly committed to my clients.

Email - gil@jmyachts.com gil@jmyachts.com

Para consultas in espanol por favor, pongase en contacto con Gilberto Villalobos 817-808-9666

JM YACHTS, Inc. image Karol Moulder, CPYB

Gulf Coast Yacht Brokers Association
2006-07 Don Dunlap Memorial Award

In 2003, my husband Jerry Moulder, opened JM YACHTS and I decided leave my 20+ year career as a sales and marketing representative in the medical diagnostics industry to join him in his new business venture. Using many of the skills I had learned in the past l worked diligently to learn the boating industry and set up the business practices of JM YACHTS. Part of this learning curve included helping customers with the complex transfer of ownership process. With the help of several local document services and two years of mentoring by a wonderful lady at Key Bank, I found my niche in my new career and opened Watercastle Documentation in 2007. While I am no longer involved in the day to day business of JM YACHTS, I still serve as a consultant when needed by brokers, customers and industry professionals while continuing to learn and grow every day.

Member Yacht Brokers' Association of America, Member & Past Secretary Gulf Coast Yacht Brokers’ Association, Member Texas Mariners' Cruising Association

Email - watercastledocs1@aol.com



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