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Ocean Sport Construction

Islands Marine Center image Here's a peek at the construction process of Ocean Sport Roamers. These boats are built by the Jim Lindell, Co. and co-designed by Islands Marine Center owner Ron Meng and Jim Lindell. The first Ocean Sport came out of production in 2004. The first 33' Ocean Sport was produced in 2006 and the first 34' Ocean Sport was produced shortly after that. Today, more than 85 boats have been produced, ranging in size from 30' to 35'. Although there is a standard boat package, many of these boats can be considered semi-custom as the factory allows for changes to fit the personal needs and preferences of the owner.

Islands Marine Center image Here is a mock-up of a 30' Ocean Sport. The plans were drawn by renowned Canadian naval architect Jay Simpson. The design of the Ocean Sport was built around the unpredictable coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest. Ocean Sport has a high, raked bow with a series of successive strakes and a progressive flare which gives this boat unmatched stability in choppy seas. It's deep hull, with a 20 degree deadrise at the transom, provides captains and passengers alike with safety and stability in big seas. Builder Jim Lindell's commercial boat building experience shines throughout the Ocean Sport's design as the boat is built as tough as they come.

Islands Marine Center image Once the plans had been drawn, they were taken to Janike Industries in Sedro-Woolley Washington where the composite tooling was cut. This CNC process is highly accurate cutting with five one hundredths of an inch. "That technology is really amazing," says Meng. "More than anything, it's very accurate and ensures that everything is perfectly symmetrical. It allows you to make curves that you could never do by hand."

Islands Marine Center image The Ocean Sport hulls and superstructure are made with an infusion injection vacuum bag process that incorporates vinyl-ester resin, knitted bi-directional e-glass fabric and a urethane Corecell core. This process not only reduces waste, it creates a stronger, lighter boat. The vacuum-bagging construction also creates a more uniform hull, with fewer opportunities for voids in the laminate, as it is done via a vacuum and not by hand.

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Once the vacuum infusion is finished, foam is sprayed to strengthen the stringer system. This foam also provides additional sound proofing.

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Islands Marine Center image

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Islands Marine Center image

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