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Islands Marine Center image Islands Marine Center's store is filled
with all the salt & fresh water fishing
gear you will ever need. We have everything
from Tuna to Trout gear and
everything in-between.

Come and check us out.

Islands Marine Center image SALTWATER FISHING 2013: Salmon in marine area 7 July 1- July 31.
(See your rule book for daily catch limits and other specifics.)
Trout, Sturgeon, Albacore Tuna, Mackerel, Herring, Smelt, Anchovy, Sardine,and San Lance Year-round. See rules. Halibut May 2- My 31, 2013 see regulation for various open dates.

Lingcod May 1-June 15 = Hook & Line season only in marine area 7. May 21-June 15 Spearfishing season only.

Check out our new Delta 10" worms "Hawgs" and "Chub Grubs".


You can email them to or
just come in with your catch and we'll take your picture right here.

Islands Marine Center image Kevin Begley just took delivery of his 38' Pursuit yesterday and today he sent this photo of Pam with the boat's first fish!!! Way to go!

Islands Marine Center image New Pursuit Boat Owners Pat & Anne Horahan with a beauty.

Islands Marine Center image First Hummel Lake catch of the year! 2011
Grandpa John likes to use power nuggets and red marshmallows.

Other locals have been successful with eggs, Nitro Dough and spinners.

FRESHWATER FISHING: Hummel Lake is open year round.
1000 new trout are stocked each year in March.
We have a great selection of rods, reels and complete freshwater combo packs.
We have spin combos for adults and children.

Islands Marine Center image SHELLFISH: Clams are open year round on most
public beaches, check with WDFW for biotoxin alerts.

Get your "guns" here.

Crab opens July 15 - Sept. 30 2013 in marine area 7.

We have all the gear, crab pots, bait cages,
lead line, red and white floats, measurers, bait
and we have new improved pot harnesses,
we also have replacement door latches, and we still have the KITS that
have everything you will need for when the season opens again.

SHELLFISH SEASON: Call 1-800-562-5632 for Red Tide updates.

Islands Marine Center image Your 2011 fishing licenses expire on 3/31/10 and new licenses are for sale now.
Remember to mail in your catch record cards during April, whether you caught anything or not.

If you have not turned in your summer and winter catch cards for last year you will be
charged $10.00 when you get your 2011 fishing license.

You can purchase your 2011 fishing license on-line or come on in to our front counter.
For more details about fishing licenses and rules go to:
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife at

Important Phone Numbers:

  • WDFW Fishing Hotline (360)902-2500 or
  • Shellfish Rule Change Hotline (360)796-3215
  • Marine Toxins/PSP Hotline 1-800-562-5632 or

    Islands Marine Center image September 2011
    Jeff Peterson from Kodiak, Alaska purchased his Ocean Sport Roamer from IMC this spring. He commercial fishes, long lines and also King Crabs. He also has fishing and hunting trips combined. He is enjoying his new boat and the possibilites it has opened for him and his business.

    Islands Marine Center image October 2010 Derek and his crew got these beautiful Tuna.

    Islands Marine Center image Derek's dad with his fish.

    Islands Marine Center image Ian and his Tuna, see the group shot below

    Islands Marine Center image Tuna trip bounty.

    Islands Marine Center image August 2011. Nicole Larkin gets a beautiful 18lbs. salmon outside of Fisherman Bay.

    Islands Marine Center image Laurie Larkin and friends had a great time fishing. Caught 5 fish between 10-23LBS.

    Islands Marine Center image Greg Larkin caught this beautiful 20lbs locally.

    Islands Marine Center image August 2011
    Martin Antrim and friend caught some beauties. This one is 50lbs.

    Islands Marine Center image Ken & his new fishing buddy Nelson caught a big one yesterday.

    Islands Marine Center image Rick caught this beautiful fish early in the season. The fish are biting in the San Juan Islands.

    Islands Marine Center image Derek got this beautiful 24lbs. salmon just off of Lopez.

    Islands Marine Center image Dan & James caught these beautiful fish just "outside" of Lopez Island, July 21, 2009.

    Islands Marine Center image John Bronson & Dave Jaeger had a great day fishing.

    Islands Marine Center image Mike Sear was the winning fisherman at the Acacia Bay fishing club derby (New Zealand). The Rainbow Trout weighted 6.39lbs. and was 27" long. It was caught using a Scotty downrigger at 45' on a spoon type lure with a fast troll and no flashers (not allowed), just like fishing for Silvers. Note: The prize was a giant whole smoked ham. With fuel at $6.41 a gal. it was a pricey ham sort of like Salmon fishing at home.

    Islands Marine Center image Ann Stadnicky, September 2007. One of our Ocean Sport Roamer customers shows off her catch. Pony Cove, outside of Seward Alaska was the hot spot. 4 people on board each caught their limits. They had 24 beautiful Silver Salmon.

    Islands Marine Center image Brian & Denny had a successful Tuna run, 25 miles off of Neah Bay

    Islands Marine Center image Denny and his catch

    Islands Marine Center image Check this one out, Elizabeth caught this
    18lb./36" Lingcod while out
    fishing with her dad, Brian Krantz.
    This was one of many that she
    has caught this year.

    Islands Marine Center image Keldon caught this beautiful
    salmon at his own secret
    fishing spot just off Lopez Island.

    Islands Marine Center image Lopez dentist, Joe Reynolds
    aboard his Sea Sport
    JoJe caught this
    beautiful 27 1/2 fish.

    Islands Marine Center image Derek got this 33lbs.
    Halibut in a secret
    location in the San Juans.

    Islands Marine Center image Jeff King caught
    this beautiful Rock Fish.

    Islands Marine Center image Mike McReynolds caught
    this beautiful 16 pounder.

    Islands Marine Center image Uncle Tim took Madeline & Parker
    fishing at Hummel Lake.

    Madeline & Parker limited on Blue Gill,
    Maddie's 1st fish ever. They
    recommend fishing with catapillers.

    Islands Marine Center image Mike and Dan with 2 nice Kings
    caught aboard "SunSpot" before
    Dan returned to Indiana
    to fish for Walleye.

    Islands Marine Center image Jim Fettig and his crew had a fabulous fishing excursion about his Ocean Sport Roamer.

    Islands Marine Center image

    Islands Marine Center image

    Islands Marine Center image Ocean Sport Roamers catch

    Islands Marine Center image

    Islands Marine Center image

    Islands Marine Center image

    Islands Marine Center image

    Islands Marine Center image Karla & Steve Lillistol caught this beautiful Salmon.

    Islands Marine Center image Here is Lydia from New Zealand Lake Taupo showing off the 7 fish, her dad, grandad and adopted Uncle Mike (from San Juan Island) caught in the local fishing derby. The 2 largest trout took 1st and 4th place.

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