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Happy Ocean Sport Roamer Customers

Islands Marine Center image Here is Steven Seal on his Ocean Sport Roamer, he just put 1,000 hours on his boat. On this fishing trip he got a salmon, Halibut and Tuna (all in a days work).

Islands Marine Center image Stevn sent us a photo of his hour meter, what a great milestone. He fishes off the Oregon coast and also spends time in the San Juans and North. Congratulations!!!!

Islands Marine Center image We have delivered over 73 Ocean Sport boats
and these are some of the deliveries:
This Ocean Sport Roamer
was delivered to Kent Huiskin.
He and his family have been enjoying
life on the water,fishing and cruising
every chance they get.

Islands Marine Center image Dick Welker and his sons came to IMC to take delivery of their new boat. Their shake down cruise was from Lopez down the Washington coast. They were excited to show us their first catch.

Islands Marine Center image They ended up with full fish holds!!!

Islands Marine Center image Steve Karcher was thrilled
when he caught these beauties,
shortly after taking delivery of
his new Ocean Sport Roamer.

Islands Marine Center image Stephen Seal is all loaded up
and ready to trailer his new Ocean Sport
to all of his favorite
places to go boating and fishing.

Islands Marine Center image Stan Hovik and a few of his buddies
started their fishing adventures soon
after the purchase of his new Ocean Sport.

Islands Marine Center image Ron and Gray Hawken are shown
here going over some final
details during an orientation.

Islands Marine Center image When Rick Hanson took delivery
of his new OSR, he didn't waste any time
putting that lean, mean
fishing machine to good use.

Islands Marine Center image After Bob Heerdt took delivery
of his new Ocean Sport in July,
he didn't waste any time enjoying
all the cruising comforts. Following his orientation on Lopez, he headed north to Glacier Bay, Alaska.

Islands Marine Center image
After that, he was off to Mexico
for the winter. He even took it through the
Panama Canal and ended up on the East Coast.

Here is Bob & Sugar
in S.E Alaska.
They won the Owner/Pet look alike contest.
What do you think?-> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> ->

Islands Marine Center image Perry & Jeanne Edgeington are the proud owners
of our third boat off the line. They
live in Wyoming and will be trailering
their new boat to the lakes in Wyoming,
Montana, California and Arizonia.

Islands Marine Center image Rik Gagnon purchased
Ocean Sport Roamer #14.
He fishes his boat in California
and loves to go out tuna fishing.

Islands Marine Center image David Plant (on right)
and his friend Larry came to IMC
in late September to take delivery
of his new 33' Ocean Sport Roamer.
The boat will be moored in California
and will be used for fishing,
cruising and exploring.

Islands Marine Center image Charles and Kristen Schultz, and their
two daughters, Peyton and Beth, visited
Lopez, all the way from Juneau, Alaska.
They spent alot of time with Ron
going over all the features of their
new Ocean Sport Roamer 33.
They will be fishing, crabbing, cruising and
enjoying the great outdoors in Alaska.

Islands Marine Center image Herman Raabe and his wife Irene
spent some time on Lopez getting to
know their new 33' Ocean Sport Roamer.
They are excited to get back
home to Canada and start
fishing and cruising.

Islands Marine Center image

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