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Exploring Barkley Sound in an Ocean Sport

Islands Marine Center image Each year Ron Meng takes his boat through the Straits of Juan de Fuca and up the west side of Vancouver Island to Barkley Sound. For weeks at a time Ron and his crew will fish for gargantuan King salmon, or Tyee, as they are called in Canada. Barkley Sound, home of the Broken Island Group, is the perfect staging point for ocean trips to fertile La Parouse Bank. Halibut, Kings and Silvers abound on the enormous bank, as well as black cod and other tasty species.

Islands Marine Center image Barkley Sound is a wild and beautiful place, it's remoteness protecting it and keeping it wild. Exploring this Sound is a delightful past time

Islands Marine Center image Fishing in the Sound is always a hoot, as there are plenty of sizable kings running through Imperial Eagle Channel and the banks and shores of the many islands.

Islands Marine Center image Ron has pulled more than one 40-plus pound King from these waters. And, in fact, it is the thrill of these monsters that keeps him coming back year after year. Many a customer of IMC has heard his stories of these wild fish!

Islands Marine Center image The fish are large, but the other wildlife are also amazing to watch! In Barkley Sound, the call of Bald Eagles will follow you where ever you go. If you look to the tree tops you'll spot these majestic bird's white-topped head's and yellow-eyes watching your every move. If you happen to snag a bottom fish while they're watching, the Eagles will swoop down right next to you to pluck it form the water before it sinks back to the bottom.

Islands Marine Center image Ron spends the vast majority of his time aboard his boat, Evening Bite. And true to his Ocean Sport Roamer's name, his favorite fishing tide is the evening one. Here he is rounding the point at one of his favorite fishing holes in Barkley Sound.

Islands Marine Center image In the early morning and at dusk, black bears roam the rocky shoreline looking for mussels. If you're lucky, sometimes you can spot a mommy bear and her cubs. The bears have terrible eye sight, but their sense of smell is keen. If they feel they are being watched, they will often high-tail it for cover.

Islands Marine Center image Ron has been making the yearly trip to Barkley Sound for just shy of 20 years. He knows the potentially dangerous waters well and always travels with caution and a full set of emergency supplies and tools. Here he is headed off to the ocean for a day of fishing.

Islands Marine Center image Here's Ron fishing somewhere near Gibralter. As much of the Broken Island group is exposed to the open Pacific Ocean, the shorelines are wind and sea battered. The shorelines show the abuse of a sometime vicious ocean - and are all the more beautiful for it.

Islands Marine Center image Here's Amanda, who fishes with Ron in Barkley Sound. This is her biggest halibut after a day fishing on the ocean. This one was caught at a location on La Perouse Bank called the 'Chicken Farm.'

Islands Marine Center image This beauty was caught in Ron's favorite fishing hole, on Ron's favorite gear - while he was in the cabin talking on the phone with a client. Unable to get to his rod first, Amanda kindly grabbed it for him and started reeling. After getting the fish to the boat, and watching it disappear into the depths three time, Ron was able to net the monster - just as a straightened hook flew out of its mouth! After much discussion, Ron and Amanda agreed they both caught the fish and they would hence forth call it the 'we' fish.

Islands Marine Center image Sometimes you need a smaller boat to explore the depths of Barkley Sound. Many of the inlets and bays have narrow mouths, but can stretch for miles on end. Exploring these rarely seen waterways is always a blast.

Islands Marine Center image At the end of the day, a fresh salmon dinner is the way to go! Here is Derek checking on dinner.

Islands Marine Center image Halibut! They call it the chicken farm because the halibut that live there are the perfect eating size. Here's Derek with a just-caught halibut.

Islands Marine Center image Oh boy! It was a day on the ocean! Here Ron and Derek proudly display the days catch. Needless to say, everyone limited on this day, on every species.

Islands Marine Center image Ron enjoys taking his fishing to the next level. And by that I mean, fishing with more than one pole and trying for the exciting double-header. Here he is proudly displaying two fish he brought aboard at the same time while fishing by himself. That's right, he played two fish at once and managed to net them both by himself!

Islands Marine Center image Here's Amanda with two nice Chinook she caught aboard Ron's boat. She has been fishing with him since she was a kid.

Islands Marine Center image A nice sized Chinook nabbed during the evening bite. Good job Ron!

Islands Marine Center image Here's Ron displaying another successful double-header!

Islands Marine Center image Derek, Amanda and Carly with Night Hawk (the inflatable). They're fishing Pill Point in this tiny boat, hoping to get a salmon big enough to pull them around. Unfortunately, all they got were rock fish.

Islands Marine Center image The humpback whales are everywhere, but you never get tired of seeing these majestic animals. If you're lucky you'll get treated to a whale show - it's awe-inspiring to see these giant animals push themselves clear of the water and then dive (of belly flop) back in!

Islands Marine Center image After a hard day fishing, a good dinner is the way to end the day. Barkley isn't just fun, it's a lot of hard work! You rise at dawn, fish hard all day, clean your catch and your boat, make dinner, clean up and repeat! Exhausting! But in such a good way!

Islands Marine Center image Here's Ron hitting the evening bite in the waning light. Is there nothing more relaxing and comforting then the whir of a 9.9 as it trolls its way through fertile salmon grounds?

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