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Helms Yacht Sales in concert with Modern Sailing Academy has two cruising catamarans that are available to charter. Modern Sailing is an ASA approved sailing school. They offer a full curriculum of instruction, basic to off-shore. This is good way to prepare for chartering a catamaran in the Caribbean, the Med.or the South Pacific. You can reserve time for you and your friend to enjoy cruising catamaran and sail the San Francisco Bay and Delta.

Helms Yacht Sales image "Caprice" is a Seawind 1160 Performance Cruising Catamaran that was built in Australia. She has 3 double berths in three private cabins. The 2 head compartment are large and both have hot showers. The boat is very spirited and really fun to sail. You can book lesson, charter, Day charter with skipper. Call for a list of classes. Space fills up quickly, so don't wait.

Sailing aboard the Seawind. For more information about Helms Yachts go to www.helmsyacht.com

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Helms Yachts is also are now offering an introductory trimaran basics skills sail. In this sail on the bay we cover the essentials of how to sail a Corsair trimaran. Call us for more information at 510-865-2511.

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