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Meet the Crew

Hawk's Yachts image Mark “Hawk” Ennis has lived near the Chesapeake for most of his life. His life experience has instilled in him the caring and drive that enables him to have the understanding to help bring customers dreams of the perfect boat to reality. Hawk has extensive boating experience and is a very enthusiastic boater, fisherman and broker. He currently owns 3 boats and 2 jet skis. “I can’t help it – I’m addicted to boats!” He is the managing broker for Hawk’s Yachts. Hawk Ennis Cell: 240-383-8128 Email: hawk@hawksyachts.com


Hawk's Yachts image Gordon Cameron's boating background includes: 10 years as a Marine Surveyor, two years as content liason on the BoatUS website and manager of boat refit management projects on vessels up to 66'. He studied Marina Technology at Humber College as well as the WoodenBoat School. He has taught boating courses for Arlington County and the Canadian Power Squadron and is a member of the American Boat and Yacht Council.
He has owned, cruised and lived aboard sail and power boats up to 50'. He knows boats and loves helping both new and seasoned boaters find a vessel that fits their needs. Gordon Cameraon Cell: 202-631-1156 Email: gordon@hawksyachts.com


Hawk's Yachts image Walt Frick has been boating on the Chesapeake Bay since 1973. His parents would load up their 24' Owens with his brother, sister, him, and the dog and head down from Philadelphia on the Delaware River to different stops along the C&D Canal and then onto what is now known as Mears Point Marina, before it was Mears. They would go all over the bay back in those days, Annapolis, St. Michaels, Oxford, Solomons. The list goes on and on... His dad moved the boat permanently to Mears in the mid 80's before the Red Eye Dock Bar even existed.

Walt grew up on multiple boats, as it seemed his parents were buying a new boat (or new to them) every other year or so. He learned how to work on wood boats from as far back as the 1920's because his parents bought a 1927 29' Matthews from the estate of RCA Victor (RCA TV's). The boat was solid 3/4 Honduras Mahogany (just a hair shy of 10 tons) and was always in need of some bright work refinishing, but very beautiful. They had many boats over the years, both wood and fiberglass, and Walt learned everything from wood work to gelcoat repair, installing and rebuilding engines, installing flybridges, cleaning bilges, sanding, calking and painting bottoms, installing and operating electronics, navigation, mating to captaining.

Walt has ran everything from dinghies and jet skies to 60 footers. He has also owned a few boats in his lifetime and has had company demos of all sizes and brands.

There isn't much Walt doesn't know about boating including the lifestyle, and when you really think about it, isn't that why we're all in boating? Coming down to the boat with the family and friends, entertaining yourself and others. Hanging with the folks on the dock, in your marina, going to see the different sites on the bay and surrounding area, vacationing, getting away from the house and the job. Being on vacation every weekend for 8 months out of the year. Creating the memories of a lifetime, things you could never plan out on your own at home. Creating memories for you and your family to remember forever...

Walt understands what you're going through as boaters! He has first hand experience from you, your guests, kids and spouse's point of view. He can help you with everything from what to bring on-board, where the best marinas are, how to run and dock the boat, the coolest places to go on the bay, maintenance, you name it...

Let's face it, you can buy fiberglass from anybody, but the reality is that most sales people are just that, sales people.

To Walt, it's about the dream, he says, "I am a boater just like you. I have been in your position, feeling what you're feeling, and wishing I had someone who knew what they were talking about that I could trust to help me. Someone who cared about me and my family, not about how much commission they were going to make."

"Call me and I will help you, not just sell you a boat!"

The Dream Starts Here!

Cell: (240)818-8752
Email: walt@hawksyachts.com


Hawk's Yachts image John Al-Jazrawi
Cell: 301-852-8646
Email: john@hawksyachts.com


Hawk's Yachts image Jonny Hillyard
Cell: 740-508-6295
Email: jonny@hawksyachts.com


Hawk's Yachts image Tyler Terry

Tyler Terry was Virginia born and raised, Tyler has been in the boating industry for over 25 years. Like others before him, he started out in the small boat field and has sold everything from family day boats to sport fishers to luxury yachts. Along the way, he gained knowledge of numerous boat builders and the mechanical workings of each boat. His endless energy and upbeat attitude is infectious and affects everyone he comes in contact with. Tyler lives in Centerville, Maryland with his wife and 2 sons. He enjoys hunting and family fishing trips whether offshore or on the Chesapeake Bay.

Tyler Terry
Cell: 443:262:8520
Email: tyler@hawksyachts.com

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