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Harbourside Marine Group, Inc. always has a large selection of new and previously owned vessels of all types available for your inspection. We strive to handle only the best maintained, highest quality, and fairly priced vessels on the market. Additionally, we have immediate access to thousands of listings worldwide through all major international marine multi-listing services and can usually accommodate your trade-in. We work with motor yachts, cruisers, sportfish, high-performance boats, trawlers, commercial vessels, and all types of sailboats.

We are dedicated to placing you with the boat that perfectly fits your needs.

Today's environment may have you asking yourself, "Why should I use a broker in my search for the right boat?" Often some of the best deals available may not be advertised or listed to the consumer. This is where our contacts in the industry and participation in all major multi-listing systems and yachting industry computer databases comes into play. Simply put, we can bring more prospective boats to your attention with the most up-to-date tools available.

The internet has made locating boats listed "for sale by owner" easy to find. While it is true that finding information and boats for sale in today's computer environment has never been easier, it is also true that protecting your interests and legal rights has never been more important. An unrepresented buyer is forced to fend for himself in dealings with the seller or the seller's agent. This disadvantage is often magnified by neglecting pre-purchase procedures and failing to use proper legal forms and contracts. If you have found a vessel listed elsewhere or for sale directly by the owner, we strongly believe that you need to be safeguarded with at least some level of representation.

We can provide you with the knowledge and experience necessary to protect yourself in this marketplace. If this is not your first yacht acquisition, you may already possess the experience to safely navigate the purchase process and not need full representation. We are willing to custom fit a level of service with which you are comfortable, from simply using our legal forms and documents to full service representation during the purchase.

Most of our services are offered at no cost to you, the buyer. It is also important to note that South Carolina has a maximum sales tax ceiling of $300.00, often allowing you more boat for your money.

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