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Boathouses & Moorage Available

Grand Yachts Inc. image 60' 2005 Boat House located at Mosquito Creek Marina, $65,000 !!! Shed in excellent condition, with mezzanine and porch over the dockside door. Well located on B dock, with easy access from a wide fairway.
Contact Brian Kell for further details

Grand Yachts Inc. image 40' x 20' Boat House at North Saanich Marina. Very nice condition with a newer curtain.Call Robb Butler 250-589-6044 for further details.

Grand Yachts Inc. image 70' Mosquito Creek Marina. Newer shed in a fabulous location on the new northeast dock. This is the first shed to the north of the eastern marina entrance, door faces south.


Contact our Vancouver office for more photos and further details.

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