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The Grand Yachts Team

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Grand Yachts has a proud history of supporting the professional development of all yacht brokers
and we have been behind this program from its inception.
We take particular pride that all of our brokers are qualified Certified Professional Yacht Brokers, or are CPYB apprentices:
As such, Grand Yachts is very pleased to have become the first CPYB Endorsed Brokerage in British Columbia.

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DAVID WORLAND, CPYB (604-787-7719) grew up sailing and boating off the shores of Lake Erie. Since then, boating adventures have been varied and include cruising from Cape Breton to the West Indies, offshore yacht deliveries and local and offshore yacht racing. Living and boating in BC and Washington since 1995, David and his family are constantly overwhelmed by the cruising opportunities in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

David joined Grand Yachts in January 2008, after more than 11 years with another Vancouver yacht brokerage. Two of those years were spent managing a yacht sales office in Seattle. David is proud to be one of the earliest Certified Professional Yacht Brokers in the Pacific Northwest, and is active on numerous professional advisory boards and committees in Canada and the USA.

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Born in Vancouver in February and boating by March BRUCE WHITE, CPYB (604-220-8004) has been around boats his entire life. His early years were spent cruising from Seattle to Rivers Inlet and all points in between. Bruce joined RVYC at the age of fourteen and has been a member of the Yacht Club for over forty years. Since he loved the water so much, he started a career working in the coastal tugboat industry, both on the boats and later in management. Bruce claims to have been up every inlet and visited almost every bay on the coast. In 2002, Bruce joined Grand Yachts to start a new career with hopes of sharing the beautiful experience of boating and to pass along his boating knowledge. Crewing for Grand Yachts, Bruce is a solid team player who looks forward to assisting you search for your perfect boat.

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Yacht Consultant ROBB BUTLER,BCYBA, (250-589-6044) After 35 years in the fashion industry, decided to change course and take his wife sailing!

They sailed from Cape Town to Florida, via Brazil, the Caribbean and the Bahamas.
Robb, born in Alberta, felt like he was coming home when they sailed into Victoria Harbour in 2009.

A sailor since the age of 17, Robb started out racing dinghies and then graduated to keelboats. He has owned 7 keelboats, 1 of which he built himself and has competed in numerous off-shore events around the Cape of Good Hope and held the position of Skipper on 3 Trans-Atlantic races.

Robb was the owner and CEO of a large clothing design and manufacturing company. His top notch customer service paired with over 40000 ocean miles in his log is a solid base from which to launch his yacht sales career with Grand Yachts in Sidney.

Robb and his wife now own "Lily B" a Grand Banks 32' which they keep in Sidney BC .

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Yacht Consultant ALAN MCKILLOP, CPYB Apprentice, (778-838-6702) has had the good fortune of being around boats most of his life. His family started with a ski boat but when they bought a cruiser he was hooked. He has taught boating courses, been part of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary, even written and produced an award winning television show about boating!
He thought he knew a lot about boats until he and his wife purchased “Lameka” a President 41. It was his desire to share the intimate details of boat ownership and the joy of cruising in BC’s magnificent waterways that convinced him to get involved in yacht sales. Whether it’s your first or your last boat, Alan looks forward to sharing his knowledge and helping you experience all that boating has to offer.

Yacht Consultant SAX PARKER, CPYB Apprentice, (604 720 8055) a native of Sydney, Australia,began his yachting career as a deckhand on the charter boats on the Great Barrier Reef, and soon discovered that nothing really compared to the freedom and adventure of spending each day on a beautiful yacht. With his trans-ocean experience ranging between 40’ and 140', in both cruising yachts and charter yachts, Sax’s hands-on experience has always been beneficial to his clients search for the 'right yacht'. Skippering yachts throughout the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Asia and Scandinavia he is also an experienced source of information for international yacht searches and logistical transfers. During 15 years in the industry he has been involved with new builds, commissioning, project management and some extensive refits. While working with Grand Yachts in yacht brokerage, Sax continues to own and operate Explorer Yacht Services, which offers comprehensive yacht services and systems support, at Shelter Island Boatyard and with a mobile team of technicians, across the lower mainland in BC.

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BRIAN MORRIS, Marketing Support, began boating with his family at an early age, cruising our local waters in boats ranging from a 7ft Sabot to a 32 ft Chris Craft. During the summer between high school and college Brian worked on a 40 ft troller commercial fishing between Uclulet and Prince Rupert.

In 1993 Brian, his wife Judy and family purchased a 21ft Monaro as a summer experiment to make sure the family would enjoy boating. Boating was a huge success and in 1996 they purchased their “Dream Boat” a 36ft Grand Banks Classic. The “Dream Boat” of course, turned into the purchase of a larger GB, “Bountiful”, a 1983 GB42CL. Brian’s GB’s have provided he and his family truly wonderful memories and life experiences cruising our local waters, traveling the inside passage as far north as Alaska as well as exploring the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

Brian has recently been lured back to the working world at Grand Yachts just to “help out with boat shows” It has however become much more over the last year. And for Brian…..why not spend more time working with great people and helping clients find just the right boat to fulfill their dreams.

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JANICE SAHOTA started her “yachting experience” in 1998 when she joined West Bay SonShip Yachts Ltd. In 2006 she joined the Grand Yachts Team. One of the important things that Grand Yachts offers is the range of skills and experience that truly do help our customers.

Janice is involved in the financial activities of Grand Yachts from the customers to the banks. Her phone call or summons for a meeting is one that we all avoid unless there is deal in the making…

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Executive Assistant JANNINE MCDONALD fell in love with boating when she was taken out on the water in the summer of 2003. This prairie girl traded in her cow girl boots for her deck shoes.

Jannine joined Grand Yachts in 2004 and with her she brought a diverse background in finance, quality assurance and customer service skills. Over the last seven years, she has watched the company grow and is proud to be part of the Grand Yachts team: A team she believes is committed to fulfilling dreams and providing exceptional customer service.

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There is a time
When all young men
Harken to the Sea!

Well I so harkened to the Yacht Business, and only one reason was the Sea! In the recession of the early 80s, I saw nothing but opportunity in a fledgling industry! It was the opportunity to work closely with an amazing cross section of people at the most positive times in their lives - when buying and selling the object of their passion! Many of those relationships have grown into life long friendships! It was the opportunity to help grow an industry, by forming the Yacht Brokers Association of BC, which continues today and is a model copied elsewhere in North America. It was the opportunity to work with Roger Glassford, my partner of many years, and together to grow Grand Yachts into a polished, professional sales organization representing two world class product lines: Grand Banks and Fleming! It is the opportunity to grow as a person, to develop my understanding of yachts, people and cruising, and to make a difference!

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A client once told me that timing and luck is everything in life. After 33+ years in the boat business, I can honestly say that he was correct.

From the early days in False Creek and founding Grand Yachts to represent Grand Banks and select brokerage sales, to leaving the Creek to make way for Expo ’86 and moving to Coal Harbour into the original Coal Harbour Marina, to partnering with Brian Kell to develop the potential of Grand Yachts, to being involved in the development of the BC Yacht Brokers Association, to seizing the opportunity to participate in the development of the new Coal Harbour Marina and building offices there, to expanding our dealership to include the legendary Fleming Yachts, to building rewarding relationships with clients that have become life long friends, to building a team of like minded people to grow the company, and at the end of the day to putting positive excitement and fun into the process of buying and selling yachts. Timing and Luck continue to serve me well in the boat business and I look forward to many more years of helping to make boating a pleasure for seasoned and novice boaters alike.
Photo credit Duart Snow

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