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Seaside holidays on comfortable sail and motor yachts have recently been enjoying increasing popularity. The possibility of free movement along the coastline of some country or other, without the need to book hotel-rooms and hire cars, makes it possible to combine all the charm of a secluded holiday at sea with a stay in popular tourist locations. The Mediterranean, starting from Turkey and ending with Gibraltar, is the ideal place to spend a short week's seaside holiday, weekends or planned vacations by the sea. Three things are necessary for this: an available yacht (private or rented), a brand new one is not necessary at first; a storage place in a bay, and a worthy crew.

If you have the wish and dream to possess your own, or rented motor yacht on the Mediterranean, and you have already had problems with finding a mooring place in a bay, and the unpredictability of local captains, then we will try to help you solve these problems. We offer motor yachts for sale, both new and second hand, corresponding to your wishes, level of experience, budget and requirements, relating to the specifics of your holiday (sporting cruise, family holiday, one-man sailing, parties and private meetings). We will select a base location for you - from the shores of Turkey (which is convenient on account of the lack of visa requirements, and the service on offer, which beats Greece or Italy) to Gibraltar, including the Azure Coast of France. We will solve all questions regarding crew details, questions regarding the future base for your yacht during the autumn-winter period, and technical servicing, as well as the many other questions which may arise. Your yacht awaits you on the Mediterranean!


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