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About Grand Banks Yachts

Grand Banks Northwest image Since 1956, Grand Banks Yachts, Ltd. has built yachts of superior quality that have become industry hallmarks and earned a loyal following around the world. Renowned for their handmade craftsmanship, distinctive good looks, and tried and true all-weather capabilities, Grand Banks yachts continue to be the choice of discerning boaters today.

Grand Banks offers a choice of models in three distinctive series – Heritage, Eastbay and Aleutian. In each, the company sought to capture the spirit of a nautical ideal – and combine it with state-of-the-art equipment, meticulous craftsmanship, and superior construction techniques. The result is an unparalleled cruising experience, and the genuine joy of owning a Grand Banks.

Heritage Series
Grand Banks launched an icon when the Heritage Series was introduced nearly 50 years ago. It remains widely regarded as one of the most successful cruising yacht designs ever built – one that Grand Banks continues to refine and enhance for a new generation of owners. Today’s Heritage models, both the classic tri-cabin “CL” and the extended-salon “EU” versions, distinguish themselves as much for their speed and performance as their timeless lines and legendary reliability.

Aleutian Series
The Aleutian Series continues the Grand Banks tradition of blending timeless nautical style with high-performance capabilities. With its distinctive raised pilothouse profile, the Aleutian Series includes the largest and most generously-appointed yachts Grand Banks offers. Large staterooms, expansive living spaces, gorgeous styling and flexible layouts are just some of the highlights – as are the stable, quiet ride, sure handling and 25+ knot top speeds. Imbued with quality and craftsmanship, the Aleutian Series defines the ultimate Grand Banks difference.

Eastbay Series
In 1993, Grand Banks pioneered the modern interpretation of the lobster boat as a stylish and powerful cruising yacht – what many now refer to as a “Downeast cruiser.” Blending a refined nautical sensibility with pulse-quickening speed, the Eastbay Series continues to ignite the spirit of today’s discerning yachtsman. With its Hunt Associates hull, teak toe rails, stylish, handcrafted interiors – and a powerful pair of diesels underfoot – no other boat combines ageless design and high performance like this.

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