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Welcome to IYB1 Yachts (International Yacht Brokerage)

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We buy and sell yachts that generate revenue and tax deductions for their owners

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Our Yachts often sell for more than the same boats you will find with other yacht brokers because they include repeat charter revenue, therefore, they are worth more. There are no free lunches in any economic activity and especially not with brokerage boats… you get what you pay for.

All the boats we sell are chartered through us by their owners and therefore have several advantages.

 They have a verifiable income stream
 They are always in top aesthetic and mechanical shape
 They are all under a monthly preventative maintenance program
 They cost their owners 30-45% less to own with our program
 Because they are in constant use, there are no surprises when used personally

If you have owned a jet or a mega yacht, you know exactly what we do. Ownership of these luxury goods can be made a lot more economical if they are managed by people who can run them as a business. More importantly, there are some significant tax savings with our ownership program. On a new million dollar boat, if you are in a 30% tax bracket, over seven years of ownership, you will save $300,000 in personal taxes. And, that’s just for starters. We can save you mooring, insurance, and maintenance expenses that will make ownership a pleasure and worry-free. The IRS has certain rules they apply to yacht ownership deductions, and over the more than 15 years we have been doing this, not a single one of our clients has been refused the yacht expense deductions we suggested in spite of many IRS audits. The IRS has very simple black & white rules regarding yacht deductions. If you apply these, you can save a lot of money on yacht ownership.

Before you can join our program, we have certain minimum requirements. The yacht you buy or sell must have a minimum LOA of 45 feet. Secondly, if you buy a yacht from us, you must keep it in our program, but not necessarily in the same geographic area where it was purchased. Or, if you want us to buy a yacht for you and put it in our charter fleet, you must agree to put it in an area where we have operations staff available.

Buying the Right Yacht:
In the 90’s, our managing broker wrote a piece that was published in several marine magazines called, “Sixteen Questions before You Buy.” These 16 questions are as valid today as they were 20 years ago. Although these questions are the same for all buyers, the answers are all different, and these answers determine the kind of boat you should buy. However, when chartering is thrown in this equation, the answers are different than those for only personal use. For example, your family might only need two staterooms; however, three staterooms will be better for chartering and resale. These are the kinds of question and answer exercises that we go through with every new client who wants to buy a boat.

Sailing Into the Sunset:
Who has not dreamed of buying a boat and sailing into the sunset? Yacht brokers know about this “dream” and are taught to sell the sizzle, not the steak. Be forewarned, we do not romance yacht ownership; we sell steak. For us, boats are a business. They have to fulfill certain aesthetic requirements, have a reputation for reliability, and most importantly, have a high resale value. We stay away from boats that pump your adrenalin, but end up costing you mechanical or financial headaches. For example, did you know that there are boats you can buy that do not depreciate? Indeed, not new boats for sure, but nevertheless beautiful yachts that you can keep for years and sell many years later for more money than what you paid…and yet, according to IRS rules, you can still depreciate these in our program. We know these boats, do you?

Bottom Line:
If you have worked hard for your money, and you would like to keep it, let us help you buy a boat that you can enjoy both personally and financially

Featured Boat
photo of 120' International Shipyard Ancona 120
120' International Shipyard Ancona 120
2005 US$ 6,500,000

This is hull #1 of the ISA 120 line. Over the last 3 years, more than 2 million dollars have been spent in updates. These updates include a new galley, converter, diesel jet tender, jet skis, carpeting, underwater lights, new audio system throughout yacht, new electronics, cameras, and too many more to mention. The yacht looks brand new! It has never been chartered and the owner never sleeps aboard. 


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