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Azimut Benetti Yachts, Boston Whaler Boats

Evermarine is the leading yacht brokerage company in the western hemisphere. It was founded in 2005 by Louis Sola, and is still one of the best Yacht dealers in Panama and all of Central America. Having sold over 100 yachts in the last 5 years, it is doing exceptionally well. Evermarine sells a variety of yachts in Panama including; Boston Whaler, Azimut, Tiara, Benetti, and pre-owned yachts.

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Want to buy a pre-owned yacht?

Buying pre-owned yachts is a tricky affair. As a buyer, you have to deal with a broker who only has the seller's best interests at heart. To protect your own interests, you need to hire a qualified agent. Our skilled brokers at Evermarine are more than willing to help you buy your dream yacht. We will make sure that you get the lowest prices and prepare the necessary documentation for you.

Would you prefer to own a brand new yacht?

There is a variety of yachts to choose from. Tiara yachts, Benetti, and Boston Whaler yachts are some of the best in the market. Buying a new yacht will put you in the elite class of Panama boat owners.

Tiara yachts - Tiara yachts combine classic nautical designs with timeless styling. The models available include cruising and fishing boats of varying sizes. With a selection of beautiful yachts in front of you, choosing one will not be easy.

Boston Whaler yachts - Boston Whaler yachts represent a smooth ride, reliability, and extreme performance. They are sport fishing yachts that provide stability no matter what the condition of the ocean.

Boston whaler yachts - The Boston whaler has a reputation for cutting-edge design and dependability. Whether you want a yacht for fishing or cruising, this is the ideal choice for you.

Azimut yachts - These beauties showcase the excellence of Italian design. Azimut offers comfort, safety, and hi-tech technology that rivals most other yacht technologies.

Benetti - These super yachts have a classic style and beautiful exterior. Benetti yachts are ideal for fishing as well as cruising.

Let Louis Sola and Evermarine Guide You!

When you’re buying a pre-owned yacht, you can find yourself in treacherous waters. The seller has a broker looking out after his interests, just as a homeowner selling his house has a realtor. As a yacht buyer, you can have a buyer’s agent who acts on your behalf, upholding your interests and not those of the seller. Most states have laws that fix yacht sale commissions at ten percent. When both parties have an agent, the commission is split between them, so having a buyer’s agent doesn’t cost you anything.

When you ask Louis Sola and the dedicated brokers at Evermarine to help you buy a yacht, we handle all the details for you — and there are a lot of details. [Read more...]

Why Evermarine Brokerage?

Finding the boat of your dreams has plenty of moving parts before you can enjoy your time on the water with family and friends. One wrong turn or misstep and the journey can become an odyssey. It is important that when selling your yacht or buying a pre owned vacht, a professional broker is on your side.

Not all brokers are created equal! Evermarine has it roots in the community and has helped over 100 happy clients find and enjoy the boat of their dreams. The stress and dilligence is what we do to ensure the buyer doesn't not have too.

By law, most states in the USA have set commissions, 10% of the sales price of the vessel. This is most alway split between the Sellers Agent and the Buyers Agent who have quite distinctive responsibilities.

Sellers Agent Responsibilities:

  • obtain highest price for the seller
  • facilitate a contract and down payment
  • list, and market the vessel
  • provide information on the vessel to prospect and brokers
  • allow showing of yacht
  • provide sea trail
  • collect payment
Buyer Agent Responsibilities:
  • obtain the lowest price for the buyer
  • ensure vessel is in good condition
  • faciliate proper contact and down payment
  • ensure proper documentation and closing
  • title search for lawsuits, liens, or other obstacles
  • provide for proper inspection and survey of vessel
  • background on yacht from manufactures
  • run background on engine serial numbers
  • provide registration options
  • provide shipping options
  • allow for proper parts and service
  • recommend captain
In short, is is counter productive to only have use one agent in any transaction regardless of what they say the savings are. There are no savings, they mearly keep the entire commision for themselves and ensure the quickest transaction possible. Evermarine has been here and has an excellent reputation and experience, why take a risk dealing with brokers in other countries when you could have Evermarine on your side.

Official Azimut Yachts Dealer and Service - Panama
Official Boston Whaler Yachts Dealer and Service - Central America & Caribbean
Official Tiara Yachts Dealer and Service - Central America & Caribbean
World Wide Brokerage

Regional Contact Numbers:
USA - Ocean Front +1 (305) 900-5530
USA - Miami +1 (305) 433-3211
USA - California +1 (310) 492-5144
USA - Ft Lauderdale +1 (954) 399-2888
Panama - Panama +507 314-1000

Featured Boat
photo of 121' Benetti 121
121' Benetti 121
2015 Call for Price

Benetti Classic 121' represents the evolution of the first composite material model created by Benetti, and likewise of the experience gained by the shipyard, which is always ready to respond to Owners' ever changing needs.

This displacement yacht with a maximum cruising speed of 14 knots is 36.9 mt long and has a maximum beam of 8.18 mt. Consistently with the other new Class Range models, the total surface area of the windows has been increased to provide unprecedented illumination. The upright-free windows wrap seamlessly around the yacht's profile, allowing light to flood into the interior decks and giving the entire hull a more streamlined appearance.


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