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Welcome to Evermarine Yachts - Azimut , Bertram, Tiara

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Evermarine is the Western hemisphere’s premier yacht brokerage. Founded by Louis Sola, Evermarine sells new Tiara, Bertram and Azimut vessels, as well as pre-owned yachts. Our experienced brokers act as your agents when you buy a yacht through Evermarine. We have our roots in the community and have already helped hundreds of people find the vessel of their dreams.

Buying A Pre-Owned Yacht

Let Louis Sola and Evermarine Guide You!

When you’re buying a pre-owned yacht, you can find yourself in treacherous waters. The seller has a broker looking out after his interests, just as a homeowner selling his house has a realtor. As a yacht buyer, you can have a buyer’s agent who acts on your behalf, upholding your interests and not those of the seller. Most states have laws that fix yacht sale commissions at ten percent. When both parties have an agent, the commission is split between them, so having a buyer’s agent doesn’t cost you anything.

When you ask Louis Sola and the dedicated brokers at Evermarine to help you buy a yacht, we handle all the details for you — and there are a lot of details. [Read more...]

Why Evermarine Brokerage?

Finding the boat of your dreams has plenty of moving parts before you can enjoy your time on the water with family and friends. One wrong turn or misstep and the journey can become an odyssey. It is important that when selling your yacht or buying a pre owned vacht, a professional broker is on your side.

Not all brokers are created equal! Evermarine has it roots in the community and has helped over 100 happy clients find and enjoy the boat of their dreams. The stress and dilligence is what we do to ensure the buyer doesn't not have too.

By law, most states in the USA have set commissions, 10% of the sales price of the vessel. This is most alway split between the Sellers Agent and the Buyers Agent who have quite distinctive responsibilities.

Sellers Agent Responsibilities:

  • obtain highest price for the seller
  • facilitate a contract and down payment
  • list, and market the vessel
  • provide information on the vessel to prospect and brokers
  • allow showing of yacht
  • provide sea trail
  • collect payment
Buyer Agent Responsibilities:
  • obtain the lowest price for the buyer
  • ensure vessel is in good condition
  • faciliate proper contact and down payment
  • ensure proper documentation and closing
  • title search for lawsuits, liens, or other obstacles
  • provide for proper inspection and survey of vessel
  • background on yacht from manufactures
  • run background on engine serial numbers
  • provide registration options
  • provide shipping options
  • allow for proper parts and service
  • recommend captain
In short, is is counter productive to only have use one agent in any transaction regardless of what they say the savings are. There are no savings, they mearly keep the entire commision for themselves and ensure the quickest transaction possible. Evermarine has been here and has an excellent reputation and experience, why take a risk dealing with brokers in other countries when you could have Evermarine on your side.

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Official Azimut Yachts Dealer and Service - Panama

Official Bertram Yachts Dealer and Service - Central America & Caribbean

Official Tiara Yachts Dealer and Service - Central America & Caribbean

World Wide Brokerage

Regional Contact Numbers:

USA - Miami 1 305-433-3211
USA - California 1 310-492-5144
El Salvador - San Salvado +50321131596
Argentina - Mar Del Plata +542234322606
Venezuela - Caracas +582123357533
Peru - Lima +5117062922
Brazil - Sao Paulo +551130705218
Guatemala - Guatemala City +50223535397
Panama - Panama +5073141000
Chile - Santiago +5625856924
Colombia - Bogota +5713819001
Mexico - Mexico City DF +5585257929

Featured Boat
photo of 64' Bertram 640 Convertible
64' Bertram 640 Convertible
2013 US$ 3,250,000

Behold the pinnacle of sport fishing performance and luxury, the Bertram 64, a sport fishing yacht of epic proportions. Elegance and comfort are meshed seamlessly into this vessel, which delivers and meets the extreme demands of a quintessential fishing machine. The awe-inspiring Bertram 64 is a powerful and sophisticated vessel that exemplifies the Bertram name in every aspect, while implementing a number of revolutionary features. From its aggressive and sleek exterior profile to its numerous technological and functional features, this sport fishing yacht is sure to become the trophy of even the most discerning fishing aficionado or yachting enthusiast.

This versatile Bertram model is available in two distinct model variations: the Open or the Enclosed fly-bridge. The layout of the Bertram 64 includes a large master stateroom, a forward queen VIP, two twin side-by-side berths, and optional crew quarters. These accommodations can also be expanded to meet the customer's unique needs and priorities. The innovative salon includes lighted rod storage, a recessing television and a built in chaise lounge into the dinette.

Below decks the Bertram 64 is fitted and adorned with elegant cherry wood in satin or gloss finish. Bertram's designers and engineers have designed the salon in order to maximize interior room with an ergonomic and comfortable layout, while yielding greater storage space. The galley is fully equipped with top-of-the-line appliances and luxurious fixtures, and is spacious enough for two people to work together comfortably, a key feature that is often overlooked in standard sport fishing yacht designs.

Bertram has also designed and incorporated a spiral staircase to the bridge for enhanced safety while navigating through rough waters, and added a more spacious cockpit to facilitate fishing or entertaining. Not to be overlooked by any angler, lockable rod storage in the cockpit, and additional overhead rod storage in the galley and bridge provide a number of key spaces for every vital fishing component. The mezzanine area of the vessel provides a dry comfortable and safe place to sit while traversing the open waters, and serves as the perfect vantage point to keep tabs on the fishing action. This area may also be retrofitted with increased storage or an extra freezer. Forward seating on the bridge of the Bertram 64 is also capacious and comfortable, and can accommodate a large family or fishing team, while providing a clear and unobstructed view of the bait spread and cockpit action below.

Bertram designed the 64 to provide the serious fishing enthusiast with increased maneuverability and a cleaner wake during both speed and troll. The 64 is equipped with CAT-32 ACERT engines, producing 1925 horsepower each and propelling the vessel to a top speed of 40 knots. Surmounting other sport fishing yachts in its class, the Bertram 64 boasts optimum power and control that enables even the most hardened angler to get from the fishing grounds to the dock as safely and comfortably as possible. The 64 also comes equipped with a Mortiz OctoPlex system that remotely controls and monitors all AC and DC power distribution throughout the boat. The innovative technology is capable of providing complete vessel status using a standard NMEA 2000 network with extensive monitoring capabilities, which extends to regulate the bilge areas, tank levels, battery and even engine and generator status among many other additions. As such, the 64's solid construction, high-performance standards, and innovative technology, lead to its heralded position as the apogee of all luxury sport fishing yachts.


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