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What Types of Listings Are Available?

There are basically two types of Listing Agreements that we work with. Both are standard for the yacht brokerage industry. They are referred to as the Central Listing, and the Open Listing Agreement. The two types offer the Seller the flexibility that covers most circumstance. The recommended type of listing in nearly all cases is the Central Listing Agreement. It offers the Seller and the Listing Brokerage the most from each of their individual perspectives. The Open Listing Agreement is marginally suitable for special circumstance primarily having to do with logistics.

Both Central and Open Listing Agreements are quite simple and straight forward. The differences between the two is that one (the Central) is required to enter a listing in the computerized international Multiple Listing Service. This service through YW Boatwizard MLS is one of the more valuable marketing tools available to your broker. All brokerages are not members of this service, we always recommend listing with one of the 90% of brokerage offices who are. Dynamite Marine is a long standing and the only member of this MLS service on the island.

A Central Listing Agreement is entered into with just one brokerage firm, thus guaranteeing the listing agent and listing brokerage a portion of the selling commission regardless of which brokerage house brings the Buyer. Co-operative brokerage agreements are standardized within the industry and allow one brokerage to sell a listing that another brokerage has Centrally listed.
In this way, the Central Listing Agreement provides a maximum marketing incentive for the listing brokerage and individual agent, and encourages the promotion of the listing to other brokerages. Thus the marketing and representation needs of the Seller are best met with the Central Listing Agreement.

The Open Listing Agreement allows the Seller the flexibility to list the boat with multiple brokerages at the same time or sell the boat on his own.
The incentive being that if one of the brokerages with the Open Listing brings the buyer, that company gets the full commission. The downside is, that the listing cannot be entered into the multiple listing database, and most brokerages will spend the 'lions share' of their advertising budgets on promoting their Central Listings, not Open Listings.
Though on the surface, it often seems the Open Listing offers the opportunity for the most exposure, the opposite is most often true. Even as attractive as that arrangement may seem there are still some down sides. The vessel would still require a Central Listing Agreement to be listed in the Multiple Listing Service.
Also, with an Open Listing Agreement the seller will have numerous listing agents and brokerages to deal with, creating opportunities for confused communication and lack of a cohesive marketing effort. Buyers that see one boat marketed by several different brokerages usually think that there is something wrong with the boat.

Your contract will be in effect for 6 months, renewable at your request.

Our "Yacht Spec Sheet" is very vital to the building of your listing on the website. Any photographs you may have of the boat, under sail or other are also greatly appreciated. Arrangements can also be made for us to take photos of the boat and to do a walk through. Brochures and clippings are also encouraged.

Your listing will be shared with our elite network of associated brokerage firms in the Caribbean and North America & Europe.

Website interactive advertisement of your yacht will be featured on:
www.yachtworld.com www.boats.com
www.dynamitemarine.com www.usedboats.com
and complimented by:
Yachtworld, Compass, All at Sea & Boaters Enterprises publications.

All correspondence and offers generated re your vessel are immediately forwarded to you.

A notice of authorization must be sent to the Boatyard to advise that the vessel is listed with Dynamite Marine Limited, and to allow access to photograph and show buyers aboard. Owners are contacted about all visits and offers.

Please contact our office for further details.

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