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Dwight Tracy & Friends (DT&F), our company name, represents the way we view our business. Our mandate: Conduct business consistent with how trusting friends treat one another.

Dwight Tracy & Friends is a collaboration of honest, seasoned, successful, hard-working marine business professionals. We offer our friends the luxury lifestyle they have earned - and rishly deserve.

You often make important decisions that have significant consequences. You seek the best people in their industry to represent your family's interests. Dwight Tracy & Friends provides select professionals who work tirelessly to earn your trust and friendship.

Dwight Tracy & Friends'services include: representing the purchaser and/or seller of a yacht, overseeing the planning and new yacht construction process, providing repair and service direction, assisting with crew hiring and training, organizing yacht financing and insurance, and offering charter services. Dwight Tracy & Friends answer all of your marine services needs and much more. Who will you trust to handle your family yachting needs? Will they represent you in negotiating, structuring, and presenting contracts that reflect your values and most importantly of all: Will they deal with you honestly, placing your family's best interests ahead of everything else? Dwight Tracy & Friends, we will be there for you before, during and after...as a loyal friend should be.

Please join our growing group of friends as we work together to fulfill your yachting pleasure.

Dwight Tracy & Friends Yacht Sales

1515 SE 17th St
Suite A131
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316, United States

Toll-free 888-215-2685
Tel 954-767-0007
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