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Owner's Spotlight

DiMillo's Yacht Sales image

Angel Fish

DiMillo's Yacht Sales image Owners:

Chris & Susan Richmond

Hometown & Homeport:

Constitution Marina, Charlestown, MA


Chris is a Management Consultant for Truepoint

Susan is an Episcopal Priest

Vessels Purchased from DiMillo’s:

Mainship 34, Angel Fish

Sabre 36 Hardtop Express, Angel Fish II

Sabre 38 Hardtop Express, Angel Fish III

Sabre 42 Hardtop Express, Angel Fish IV

Sabre 40 Sedan, Angel Fish V

DiMillo's Yacht Sales image

Boat name and why?

All the boats have been named Angel Fish. After much soul searching and several months, the first Angel Fish was named after the parish administrator at Susan's church stated the obvious...... Susan is fond of Angels and Chris, loves to fish. Thus—Angel Fish. When we asked Peter Ouellette to put the name on the first boat, it came with a halo over the A –a tradition we have carried through to all our boats..

Typical Cruising Destinations:

We began our serious boating when we moved to the waterfront in Boston in 2001. Our first boat(and only boat not bought at DiMillo’s) was a 29 foot Boston Whaler. Susan had to first be convinced that a boat could not ever sink—hence the whaler. We took Coast Guard courses and began to explore the Boston Islands. It wasn’t long before we realized how much we loved boating and began to look for something bigger and settled on the Mainship 34. We began to explore the Cape and Islands as well as the coast of ME. Now we regularly cruise those same areas, as well as the Rhode Island and CT coast.

DiMillo's Yacht Sales image

Best Cruising Experience:

The best experience came when we decided to take our 42 foot Sabre from Boston to Annapolis in the Chesapeake Bay in July 2008. Taking four days going down (and back) with stops in Nantucket, Ct, NJ( –Liberty Landing across from the Statue of Liberty, and Cape May). We stayed in the Chesapeake for over two weeks. The incentive to make the trip came when our first grandchild was born in Annapolis that May. With our son, daughter-in-law and grandson, Jackson, living only blocks from the Back Creek we could visit and cruise. At two months, Jackson adapted quickly to Grandma and Papa’s giant cradle as we cruised to St. Michael’s and up the Severin River. Our two black Labs, Farland and Opal, always boat with us, although were less than enamored with the muggy heat. Susan and Chris came to understand the use of “ giant swimming nets " found in the Chesapeake, when Susan dived and surfaced covered with jelly fish clinging to her. (See top five tips for boating.)

DiMillo's Yacht Sales image

Scariest Cruising Experience:

The scariest boating experience started as one of the most pleasant in 2002 when we took off in the Mainship 34 for a two week cruise up to Castine, ME where we would visit with old friends. Our 21 year old daughter Melanie was with us and at that time was not an enthusiastic boater. (To put it mildly!) At the time we had only one Lab—Farland, who grudgingly shared his salon berth with Melanie. We had convinced Melanie that it would be an easy trip and it could not have started more beautifully. Flat seas, chrystal blue skies, and whale spotted as we made our way to DiMillo’s for the first night and then a second spotless day into Castine. For those who boat in ME regularly, our hats go off to you. The first morning we woke in Castine, to find thick fog settling in. We were not to see the sun—or scenery—or the front of our boat for the next ten days!! We bought postcards of all the places we went in order to see what they actually looked like!After several delays, we finally took off for home, inching our way down the ME coast. We sat on a floating dock in Camden, where we could see no shoreline and had no water or electricity. This was where Farland learned to simply jump in the dinghy when he needed to go ashore. The nadir of the trip came when we lost our horn coming into Boothbay Harbor. The radio was awash with Pon Pon’s and boat chatter as sailors attempted to avoid each other. Coming at the outer Boothbay bouy, at least 15 boats on the radar all chugged at idle speed. The slow swells made Susan sea sick as she lay in a fetal postion on the back deck using the hand held fog horn. Suddenly a large boat was spotted on the radar 100 yards from us, going 20 knots----a ferry going into Boothbay!! Quickly boats lined up behind the ferry and proceeded into the harbor. When we finally left Boothbay for Boston, the fog enshrouded us the whole way, until it broke into a fierce thunder storm as we entered the outer harbor. While our daughter later became an Outward Bound instructor and in 2009 sailed (and rowed) a 32 open boat from the Fl Keys to Newport, RI, she has never taken another extended cruise with us.!!

Most Confidence Inspiring Moment:

In 2008 when we took the Sabre 42 from Boston to Annapolis, we felt a great thrill navigating the East River, Hell’s Gate and the scenic ride to Liberty Landing in NJ.

DiMillo's Yacht Sales image

Top 5 Boating Secrets/Tips/Cocktails:

1. Always carry Adolph’s Meat Tenderizer to take the pain and itching out of those nasty jelly fish stings.

2. Find a fabulous sales rep like Peter Ouellette. (We know DiMillo’s has lots of others but Peter has stuck with us since 2002 and been a constant source for problem solving, specific knowledge about our boats, and all around good person).

3. Never believe any weather forecast you read—EVER!

4. Always explain that only " special" engines come with black dog hair attached.......greatly helps cooling!

5. There is no cure for " two foot-itis" in purchasing boats! (although we just went two feet backwards with our new Sabre 40)

Experience with DiMillo’s:

See above. We can only hope that Chris will have a picture of his 5+ boat customers in front of a reserved parking space and boat slip at the Marina!!

The Team at DiMillo's Yacht Sales would like to thank Susan & Chris for their loyalty and continued business!!


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