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Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Here lies an older J22 with a severe case of bottom blisters. All of her gelcoat below the waterline is being planed off. The bottom will then be sanded, and left to dry out for an extended period before moving ahead.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image The bottom undergoes epoxy rebuilding. This is a time consuming (and dust producing) process.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image New bottom in place, Winsome Wench is readied for pickup.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Our latest J105 settles into the shop for total commissioning. Aside from instruments and and all the normal new boat stuff, she'll get what we call a "QuickFair" to her blades. Not a full bore GrandPrix template job, but a reasonable amount of time allocated to make the blades nice and fair. The blue you see on the bottom is ink to aid in proper sanding of the new gelcoat. Custom Offshore does not use skipsanding primers for bottom paint applications.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image The keel gets some attention.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image The rudder fairing underway.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Even the strut gets attenion.

Check back for more pix of this yacht as she prepares to leave for her new home in Fleet 10.

Hmmm.. been a busy Spring, and no further pix of this 105 are available as it left in a Huff (a small German sports car). We'll add some other 105 pix when the chance arises.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image You all know the story of the shoemaker's children? This Opti pram belongs to our niece in Annapolis, and ONE of these days we'll actually finish it. Here she is with a fresh hull finish. Decks should be done soon and Lillian will have a sharp new ride for this season. Non-related clients sit higher on the totem pole, hence the following projects getting a bit more attention than this dinghy.

Check back soon for shots of the new deck.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image You see!!!!! We really did finish it. Lillian's Opti now has a shiny new deck and is off to Annapolis to  well, probably to get banged up the way all junior program Opti's do but that's what kids have relatives in the boat business for.

I must clarify that the debris seen on the deck finish is dried paint that was sucked onto the surface after the finish cured, when we removed the masking film from the boat. The static on the hull attracted it. It is not part of the finish.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Here is an Express 37 back for some tune-up. Two years ago this boat spent almost four months inside the shop for an extensive overhaul which included structural repairs, blade fairing, a new rudder, a modified deck layout and a new bottom. Her owner has been extremely successful sailing against a number of other Express 37s in his local area.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image The same Express 37, cockpit area. You can see the original location of the traveler at the bridgedeck recess forward. The current aft location, installed to custom risers to handle the angle on the seats, has greatly improved crew mobility in the cockpit. You can also see the 3-speed primaries and four of the Ockam 005 displays. This yacht runs a highly tuned instrument program that includes logging data to a laptop during their races for review after the fact. This has helped them fine-tune their polars and generate a solid base of information for rig tuning in different conditions.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image New topsides, stripes, graphics, and a fresh Baltoplate bottom bring TROUBADOR into the 21st century. After a wetsanding by her crew she'll be trucked off for battle in her local waters.

UPDATE..... TROUBADOR won her class at Block Island Race Week 2000. Congratulations Mort!

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image This is a Sonar in for facelift. After stripping the old antifouling paint from the bottom, the blades will be faired, the sump reinforced, and she'll be refinished in white top to bottom. Urethane topsides and VC-U underbody.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image The Sonar is laid down for bottom prep. Some of the keel fairing can be done this way, but is generally finished with the boat upright.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image The newly faired keel receives multiple coats of epoxy primer before the bottom is

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image With multiple coats of white epoxy racing finish applied, the boat is laid down once more
to be blocked down and wetsanded. You can still see ink on the keel as that surface has
not been blocked down yet.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image With new topsides, new blades and bottom finish, this Sonar is off to the Sound for
competition with her new owner.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Spring 2000 has a J80 getting ready for an application of bottom paint. Her owner has chosen to go with a multi-season antifouling coating as the boat will live in the water for the season. Being able to apply finishes indoors in a controlled environment is key to obtaining a good bond to the surface.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image A mid 70's Tartan 44 is in the shop this winter for numerous updates. Her new owner will do some long term cruising and requires many of the systems to be brought up to date. On deck her winch farm (8 on deck plus a few on the rig) will be thinned down and replaced with new self-tailing models. The traveler, currently forward of the companionway will be moved to the aft end of the bridgedeck and replaced with a new Harken unit. The shorepower system is being replaced, and she is getting new instruments, GPS, VHF, and autopilot.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image We very often hear from owners frustrated with cracks appearing at the keel to sump joints on a regular basis. The Tartan's was no different. After stripping the entire bottom & blades of antifouling paint the joint area was cleaned down and reinforced with a few layers of biax cloth in epoxy. It is unlikely that her owner will every face this problem again. You can see a faired in thru-hull above the joint. The bite-mark in the trailing edge will be faired in later. This keel will receive multiple coats of epoxy primer before her new bottom paint goes on.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Here you can see the enormous skeg of the Tartan with the rudder removed for service. There was core damage in various areas of the skeg. This was repaired and the skin then rebuilt over it. Although the Tartan is constructed in polyester resin the repairs are being made in epoxy as it affords superior secondary bond characteristics, which are very important in structural repairs.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image The reworked keel received two solo coats of epoxy primer, then is recoated along with the entire bottom in additional multiple coats. This will be the base for a new multi-season antifouling finish.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Here is a J/24 in the starting phase of a much needed makeover. Upon departure she will be white from keel to shear.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Topsides and bottom now stripped of prior coatings, final prep is being made for the new finishes. Check back for more pictures of this ugly duckling transformation...

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image ......and here she is! With a new VC-U bottom and Sikkens topsides this very early J24 is now looking sharp. Look for her at this year's J-24 Nationals In Cape May, NJ this June.


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