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Shop Shots 3

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Seen here is a rather new Lightning just in for some bottom attention. She’ll be faired out for her very competitive owner who is looking to qualify for this years PanAm Games.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Here is the keel of the X37 seen on the front page of our site under the care of Clippy – shaper extraordinaire. Her keel was stripped of her prior antifouling finish and is being faired before her new bottom goes on.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Fairing finished, the keel receives 5 coats of epoxy primer before being prepped for her new Baltoplate. The rudder received similar attention.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Here is a brand spanking new J109. So new in fact that this photo isn’t from our shop, but was taken up a the plant in Warren, RI. Look for more shots of this green beauty in the future after she arrives for her setup later this season.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Not sure how clearly this will show up on the web, but this is the now pink keel of a J24 that shall be nameless here. At the owner’s request she was refaired and finished in the color chosen. Should make her pretty easy to pick out in the yard but I can’t imagine what the fish will think.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Here is the front yard a few days ago as our own J22 arrived back from the Rolex regatta, and a refinished Folli Star awaited her pickup.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Here is a 15 year old J35 rolling out of the shop on her way to her new home in Canada. Originally sold by us in 1990 she has been modified a bit for her new owner with things like a wheel, dodger, a fresh boot and bottom, and host of less visible mods.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Here is a less than 1 year old J24 that clearly lost the port - starboard battle. The owner with some help affected a pretty nice field repair to allow her to keep sailing.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image The opening here is large enough to pass a beachball through. Also damaged was the main bulkhead, but that was a blessing, as it's resistance likely prevented the other boats bow from passing through the hull - deck joint.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Here she is just before getting picked up to leave today. Pretty much impossible to tell she was ever hit.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image ONLY HERE --- The new J399! Well, sort of.
In the shop was a J109, 2 J105's, and a J80. Hence the J399.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image A Mumm 30 is seen here in the final stages of having her bottom blocked down after getting a few fresh coats of VC-U epoxy finish. As in some other projects seen on these pages the yacht is hanging w/o boatstands to interfere with the coating, so there are no pad areas with thinner coverage than the adjacent sections.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image I feel certain that if people actually got to see how much cabling and components wind up inside of their yachts they would be amazed. Behind the visible control heads of the gear installed to most of these vessels is a vast array of cabling for interfacing and controls. Here you can see the floorboards, galley, and nav covered in a tacky backed protective film during commissioning.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Here the aft cockpit locker of the 109 has been removed for shop activities. Off to port is the installation of a custom pod recess for housing the Simrad/Robertson AP controller out of the way. Notice the location of the red heat gun aft near centerline. It is located just above……….

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image ….... the right knee of Jim in this picture., as he is wormed into the bowels of the yacht. You can almost understand why he looked forward to retirement. You can see the rudder shaft and quadrant next to his left leg, and the engine exhaust hose snaking it’s way past him. Looks like fun, eh? Perhaps you too would like to join the exciting world of race boat preparation? Give us a call – operators are standing by.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image This is the modified instrument pod for this J109. Unlike a prior 109 that employed a pair of Ockam 007 Matryx displays at the companionway, this yacht will have 1 Matryx, flanked by a pair of 005 displays. To accommodate the 007 the center section of the pod had to be altered to take the flange of the larger housing.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Here is the finished pod with the displays installed. In front of them are the removable cockpit speakers which install to the aft rails via clamp assemblies and get powered up via waterproof deck plugs. As the J109's aft cockpit section is removable the owner didn't want to have the speakers in that section and not be able to use them between races.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image
Here's a Beneteau 40.7 in from France. Custom Offshore is not a Beneteau dealer but her owner arranged for the yacht to be drop-shipped directly to our yard upon import for full commissioning. Here we installed her instruments, keel, applied a Baltoplate bottom and assembled and stepped the rig. The yacht dealer’s service manager spent a day at our yard to give their blessing to the job done as well as meet factory warranty requirements.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image
Here the keel of the 40.7 is being setup for attachment to the yacht. The small red line visible on the back of the keel’s trailing edge is the flash line from a rotating laser used to guaranty proper alignment of the blade to the hull. We’ve found that having the keel on straight is pretty key to balanced upwind performance.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image
The yacht gets ready for launching with her keel attached, rig stepped, and freshly wetsanded Baltoplate finish.


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