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Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Another J22 getting some love.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image It’s not always all big boats and glamour in the shop. Here is a Vanguard 15 belonging to one of Annapolis’ premiere yachtsman. It’s in for some general rehabbing.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image We were approached by the owner of an Express 37 to modify the yacht for a bowsprit. He participates frequently in short-handed distance racing events and was primarily interested in the ease of handling and safety aspects of the rig over the performance issues. We engaged the fine folks at Composite Solutions for help with the engineering, laminate schedule, and fabrication of the system. The installation was performed in our shop and followed by a new topside job.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image The sprit and garage tube are all carbon. To handle the cantilever forces at the back end of the pole when in the extended position a new intermediate bulkhead was made, and the existing forward bulkhead was reinforced. This is the new partial bulkhead being laid up. It is vacuum bagged carbon biax over an Xtreme core.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Here is the garage tube on it’s first dry-fit. Some say “measure twice, cut once”. The point at which this picture was taken was preceded by no less than a dozen measurement checks before the saws were taken to the yacht. This is no place for an “oops”

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image The garage tube and hull exit being faired out before painting.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image The finished yacht getting ready to head back to the Sound.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Here is a new addition to our Custom Products section. This is a five position display assembly based on Ockam Magnum displays. The yacht pictured, a Club Swan 42, does not have enough clearance between the boom and vang goosenecks to allow for 5 normally cased Magnum displays to mount. We built a custom pod in carbon with a chassis to which we’ve mounted 5 Magnum “guts” assemblies, displayed behind a tempered glass cover panel. In a similar fashion we will shortly have a housing to allow 4 Magnums to fit on a J122 mast.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image If you have ever stuck a knee, or a winch handle through the face of you Ockam Matryx display, you might want to call us for one of these shields. Far less expensive than rebuilding your display.


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