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Now here’s a what you might call a “fine entry”. The bow of the latest TITAN, an R/P design 75ft sled. TITAN is the last project out the doors of Carroll Marine Ltd. Custom Offshore supplied, and installed all of the instrument systems aboard TITAN during her construction in Rhode Island.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Getting ready to splash in RI.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image The rig towers over 100 feet above the water and is topped off with a 5 foot tall vertical carbon masthead unit.

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The wide open cockpit is dominated by a pair of carbon wheels and grinder pedestals. Not yet installed at the time of this picture are pair of custom pod assemblies holding a Matryx display at each wheel.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image The back of the mainsheet grinder pedestal sports a custom fabricated pod housing a Matryx display with an analog wind angle display above it.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image
In keeping with everything else on the boat, the custom pod mentioned above is built with weight in mind. It is made of Divinycell with carbon skins.

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image The ends of the yacht are unpainted carbon and as such very little light is reflected back there. A flashlight is mandatory equipment when working near the ends.

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The nav station of the yacht is a gem. The entire structure is made of cored carbon laminate. Dead ahead are the most active items in the workforce, an LCD computer screen, the Simrad radar system, and the Northstar GPS plotter. Beneath the computer screen is an Alpine AM/FM/CD system next to a switchpanel for controlling the flow of interfacing data amongst the multitude of systems that might either source or listen for it. Beneath that is one of the 12 volt distribution panels. In the wing pod to starboard is an Ockam Matryx display with a second distribution panel. The port pod houses communications, the VHF and SSB systems by Icom. A recess in the nav tabletop houses the keyboard and mouse for the buried computer system

Custom Offshore Yachts, Inc. image Buried in the underside of each of the nav station wing pods is an LED light cluster angled to illuminate the desktop of the nav station. Being well below eye level these assemblies do a great job of supplying working light that doesn’t interfere with night vision. Being LEDs they draw minimal current. The yacht also sports LEDs for masthead, Windex, and running lights. Their ultra low current draw eases power managment issues in distance racing, reducing the need to run the engine to charge the batteries.


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