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80' Bertram 80

  • Year: 2013
  • Call for Price
  • Located in Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Hull Material: Fiberglass
  • Engine/Fuel Type: Twin diesel
  • YW# 78907-2555399

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The Bertram 80, the flagship of the Bertram fleet and the largest Bertram ever built.

After years of advanced research and development, Bertram has taken luxury to the next level and built a sport fishing yacht of remarkable proportions. Leading the Bertram fleet into the future of sport fishing, the 80 delivers extreme powerand performance of a sport fishing vessel while exuding ultimate luxury and comfort.

The 80 is built to adhere to customer requests from all over the world for the various uses that are preferred in a broad range of countries across the globe.

This grand yacht's design is the success of the marine industry's cutting-edge engineers and is crafted by marine professionals who are committed to maintain the ride and standards of excellence that Bertram is known for.

The 80 features an advanced hull window design that is constructed with multiple layers of tempered glass. The optional forward window design actually brightens the interior of the salon while the hull windows are reinforced directly into the fiberglass hull for optimal hull strength. This state-of the-art window technology was exclusively designed and tested by Advanced Yacht Technology (AYT) to resist the roughest fishing conditions across the oceans.

At high speeds, the rapid formation and collapse of vapor pockets from the water can cause cavitation, a common cause of structural damage to propellers for any boat manufacturer. AYT has successfully identified how to modify the struts in order to dissipate cavitations, thereby minimizing maintenance issues, gaining better fuel economy and enhancing engine performance. The 80 also features the exclusive ARG (Anti-rolling Gyro) technology as a standard, which suppresses rolling motion and reduces rolling angle by up to 50 percent, which enables guests to enjoy a smoother and more pleasant ride.

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Bertram Yachts USA

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Toll-free 888-884-1715
Tel 954-462-5527
Fax 954-462-5563
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