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Last updated: Apr 24, 2015

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Length   Boats  Year  Price   Codes  Location
    53'  Shannon High Power Sai...  2009  US$ 1,375,000   S U T D FG   Portsmouth, RI
    51'  Shannon Center Cockpit  1984  US$ 175,000   S U S D FG   Bristol, RI
    43'  Shannon Ketch  1989  US$ 349,000   S U S D FG   Yarmouth, ME
    38'  Shannon Cutter  1984  US$ 97,000   S U S D FG   Dighton, MA
  video brochure   38'  Shannon SRD  2004  US$ 239,000   P U T D FG   Bristol, RI
    28'  Shannon Brendan 28  2000  US$ 59,000   P U T D FG   Bristol, RI
  Items: 1 - 6 of 6 Page 1 

P=Power, S=Sail
N=New, U=Used
S=Single, T=Twin, D=Diesel, G=Gas/Petrol
W=Wood, ST=Steel, AL=Aluminum, FG=Fiberglass, CP=Composite, FC=Ferro-Cement
O=Other/None, =Photos, video brochure=Videos



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