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Carlos Suarez & Associates P.O. Box 141737, Arecibo, 00614, Puerto Rico, (tel) 787-879-1048, (fax) 787-878-0810, E-mail address
Condition and valuation; prepurchase, insurance and damage survey; will travel the Caribbean area.
Surveyors >> Yacht and Small Craft
Edgardo J Jimenez, NAMS-CMS POBox 9022424, San Juan, 00902-2424, Puerto Rico, (tel) (787) 727-6406, (fax) (787) 268-1045, E-mail address
NAMS Certified Marine Surveyor, Licensed Maritime Loss Adjuster, Loss Control Services, Servicing the Maritime Industries since 1979.
Surveyors >> Commercial
Surveyors >> Yacht and Small Craft
Services >> Adjusters
Joseph Barlia AMS Marina Puerto del Rey, Suite 202, Fajardo, 00919, Puerto Rico, (tel) 787-397-8028, (fax) 787-863-0130, E-mail address
Yachts, small craft marine surveyor. SAMS accredited marine surveyor.
Surveyors >> Yacht and Small Craft

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