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Newcastle Batteries 42 Medcalf St, Warners Bay, 2282, Australia, E-mail address
Marine Batteries
Equipment and Supplies >> Batteries
TEK TREK Pty. Ltd. 17 Royton Street, Burwood East, Victoria, 3151, Australia, (tel) +61-3-98866700, (fax) +61-3-98866711, E-mail address
We sell global use idiot proof battery chargers 6/12/24/48/110vdc, 12/24/48/110vdc power supplies, 12/24/48/110vdc sine wave inverters, gel/sealed lead acid/NiCad/NiMH/disposable batteries and solar power gear.
Electronics & Communications >> Electronics Dealers
Equipment and Supplies >> Batteries
Manufacturer's Representatives >> Manufacturer's Reps, Agents & Dealers

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