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Seattle Boats Afloat Show
Lake Union 2010!

United States Power Boat Show
Annapolis, Maryland 2010!

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show
Florida 2010


United States Power Boat Show
Annapolis, Maryland 2010!

Coastal Craft Boats image Fall was BEAUTIFUL in Annapolis! The weather was warm with a few tropical rain showers. The people of Anapolis LOVE boats! This show was very well attended by real boat enthusiasts. The Coastal Craft Boats were the ONLY Heavy Gauge Welded Aluminum Boats in the show! Over and Over people were amazed when we let them know that the boats were entirely welded aluminum.

Coastal Craft Boats image Sunrise in Annapolis! It was a beautiful sunrise every morning. A perfect start to Coastal Crafts East Coast Boat Show Tour. The fit and finish of the Coastal Crafts were the most admired features with the strength, durability and flexability of aluminum construction right behind. Because a Coastal Craft is built for each owner, potential customers were amazed by our ability to add features for them that most boat builders could not do.

Coastal Craft Boats image The sailboats have left and the docks are open for the Powerboats! The Sailboat Show comes before the Power Boat Show in Annapolis. It is a tradition for people to gather and watch the impressive breakdown of the show. It only takes a few hours and all the boats are gone! During this time the docks and balconys are filled to capacity with people watching.

Coastal Craft Boats image The 400 IPS is launced, the first Coastal Craft to travel the Atlantic! This was a great and beautiful day! We launched the boats at the fabulous Bert Jabin Yacht Yard. Everyone was very friendly and very impressed with the quality of our Coastal Craft Boats. Not to mention the 400 IPS does 37 knots!

Coastal Craft Boats image The 30 Open is launched, she sure turned some heads at the dock! The beauty, style and grace of the 30 Open hides an incredible strong and durable foundation. This Coastal Craft is changing the way the East Coast Sport Fishers think. They did not know a boat like this was possible. And here it was right before them! Coastal Craft Boats win hearts and minds with beauty and strength!

Coastal Craft Boats image The Coastal Craft boats secure and in position at the show! We arrived early and the boat show staff was ready for us. We had a "side tie" position on the dock that really allowed people to see the beauty of the boats. The boats were only a few yards from the famous Pussers Carribean Grille. A great place for dinner and always full of activity during the show.

Coastal Craft Boats image The 400 IPS is loaded and in route to Fort Lauderdale! The 400 IPS went by semi truck and trailer. We were on a timeline in order to get the boats into the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.

Coastal Craft Boats image The 30 Open is loaded and in route to Fort Lauderdale! The 30 open was towed by Coastal Crafts own Arthur Griffiths. It was comforting knowing we had Arthur on scene to handle any issues that may come along the way! needless to say, the boats made it safe and sound!

The US Powerboat Show in Annapolis was a Great Success and a Great Time! The folks in Annapolis are very "boaty" and really loved the Coastal Craft Boats. It seems like "boaters" are the same on both coasts! They love value, quality, durability and luxury! Many people told us they were the best boats at the show! Pretty good for our first at "the oldest in the water powerboat show in the US"! No question about it, we will be in Annapolis next year as well!

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