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Cherubini Yachts builds stunning yachts of traditional form and appearance with the most modern materials and equipment. Their beauty is matched by their performance -- fast, seaworthy, and comfortable. In an era when so many boats look something like floating bathtubs, the Cherubini yachts stand out as real, proper yachts.

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Our 44 foot ketch and 48 foot schooner have been under production for about thirty years and are admired around the world. Experienced sailors know these boats are extremely seaworthy, fast, comfortable, and easily handled. They are marvelous yachts for passage making, coastal cruising, and living aboard. Their interior woodwork is the highest quality. Their classic, timeless lines have never gone out of style.

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Our power boats include 20 and 24 foot runabouts and a 25.5 foot Sport Cruiser. The Cherubini Classic 20 takes us back to the classic elegant speed boats of our grandparents' era. But she is modern. The hull has a contemporary hull form and is built of fiberglass. The gleaming varnished mahogany deck is bonded to a sub-deck of strong, low-maintenance fiberglass. The standard and optional propulsion systems are all contemporary state-of-the-art.

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The Cherubini Classic 24 is very similar to the 20 foot runabout but is more -- more cockpit space for guests, more length for a smoother, more stable rice, and more power, for more speed and for skiing.

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The new 25.5 foot Sport Cruiser is a high performance mini-cruiser, with a semi-enclosed cabin, giving all-weather and overnight cruising ability. She has space for a marine toilet, sink, refrigerator, and a vee-berth under the foredeck.

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In addition to building new boats, we do yacht maintenance, repair, and restoration work. We also provide storage.

The company has been owned and managed by various members of the Cherubini family. Dave Cherubini is the president of the company now; the sailboats were designed by his uncle John Cherubini. The boats are decorated with a little angel -- a baby cherub, in Italian, a Cherubini!

The company is in Delran, New Jersey, on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River, about 12 miles upstream (north-east) of Philadelphia center city.


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