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At YachtSalvage.com / Certified Sales Inc. you always will find great values plus professional and friendly service. Certified Sales Inc. has been re-marketing leisure craft for banks, insurance agencies and individuals since 1982. Our inventory includes Used Boats, RVs, Motorcycles, Cars, Jet Skis, Engines, Test Equipment, Marina Equipment and more.

Featured Boat
photo of 43' GIL'S CATAMARAN Catamaran
43' GIL'S CATAMARAN Catamaran
2002 US$ 69,000


General Description
Gil's Catamaran specializes in new construction of luxury custom mulit-hulls for charter, personal recreation, and high performance racing. They have worked with leading multi-hull and monohull designers, including Kurt Hughes, Bruce King, Columbia Yachts, Rudy Choy, Norm Cross, and more.

Actual Condition

It is reported that the hull construction is plywood glassed over on the exterior of the plywood, but not the interior. Both hulls below the boot strip have sustained considerable damage from a grounding.

Stb side hull: Damage starts within 3 feet of the bow, and gets progressively worse as you move aft.

• For most of the length, the hull bottom "keel area", the fiberglass has been ripped off, exposing the wood.

• 25 feet from the bow, on the outboard side of the hull, are 2 holes through the hull, exposing the interior.

• 16 feet on the inboard side of the hull is another hole, through the hull.

• In numerous areas, the fiberglass skin has been ripped off the plywood, the largest being 8 feet from the bow, on outboard side and this is 48" x 32".

• The boat has 1 ½" stainless steel propeller shafts and from the damage to the cutlass bearing housing and the propeller, it is assumed, that this shaft is bent.

• She has a 3 blade bronze propeller, and all 3 blades are damaged with one blade having a section missing.

• The rudder is damaged and a temporary repair, using plywood, was done to enable the boat to steer to the storage yard, after the grounding.

• All damaged appears to be confined to the area below the boot stripe... none was noted above.

• There are the usual gelcoat chips that would be seen on most boats of this age.

• On the port hull, the frp sheathing has been ripped off the plywood in small areas, and the depth sounder transducer is damaged.

• There is a hole through the hull, at keel area, 18 feet from the bow.

• There is no visible damage to the cutlass bearing housing or propeller shaft. all 3 blades of the bronze propeller have damage.

• The rudder has damage and a temporary repair has been done.

• The 2nd port hole from the bow has a lot of tape around the exterior frame, so it might have a leaking problem.

• All the hull side vents are missing.

• The underside of the main superstructure appears to have no damage, only superficial gelcoat chipping. There is some superficial rust on fittings.

Deck and superstructure: Deck and superstructure are "white" and the deck has "silica sand" type none skid. No significant damage was noted, but there are some areas of gelcoat cracking. in-between the two main aluminum longitudinal beams. Forward, is a fold-down beach-type boarding ladder, which is twisted / broken, and not in its mountings, but tied to the aluminum beams.

• The main transverse aluminum beam between the two hulls and the seagull striker support appear in good condition, with no sign of heavy corrosion, and the mountings to both hulls are well secured.

• The seagull striker stay is 10mm stainless steel wire, with Staylock / Norseman type fittings, and appears in good condition and of adequate size for this boat.

• There is a single s/s bow roller plate with plastic roller that is badly worn. In place, is a single plow-type anchor and this is shackled to chain that leads aft through a pipe to be handled by a "Simpson Lawrence" electric windlass.

• The chain locker is directly under the windlass and is accessed via one of four deck hatches, the other 3 give access to general storage lockers.

• The mast and boom are aluminum and no manufacturers plate could be found. Mast is deck stepped, has 2 sets of spreaders and, at present, is "cutter" rigged. Mast steps are installed to the lower spreaders / radar.

• A "Forespare" boom vang is installed. From "on deck", inspection mast and boom appear in good condition. Mounted on the mast, to handle reefing, etc., are 2 units "Lewmar 44" and 1 unit "Lewmar", 15 self-tailing winches, along with 11 cleats and 6 jammers. All appear well secured and of adequate size to handle the lines.

• All the standing rigging is S/S wire with "Norseman / Staylock" type fittings. From on deck, inspection all appears in good condition.

• On the "Forestay" is a mounted "Schaefer" Roller Furling System, and the sheet and furling lines from this, run aft to the cockpit, via a series of blocks.

• This boat has a large cockpit with seating / storage all around. Most seats / lockers are general storage, but the one stb of the entry door, contains 3 cooking gas bottles. Regulator and solenoid shut off valve, are provided to these bottles.

• There is a helm station with seat port and stb. interior: entry to the interior is via double doors in the aft end of superstructure.

• Interior is white with wood trim, and floor in upper area, is "parquet". The lower areas are parquet and painted plywood.

• Enter, and down 2 steps to port, is the galley, equipped with a "Force 10" 3-burner gas stove with oven, double S/S sink with hot and cold pressure fresh water and a foot pump.

• Outboard is a top loading holding plate type freezer / refrigerator. To stb, is a breakfast-type bar with 2 seats and outboard, a counter top with a"Maytag" oven. Under counter level, is storage and a wine rack.

• Forward, and to stb, is a large navigation table with chart storage under In the centre, is the helm console with seat. This area is very well-equipped with MMC Electronic Engine Controls, engine gauges, battery isolator switches, generator control panel, auto pilot controls, DC breaker panel, "Silva" wind speed and direction with boat speed and log, rudder angle indicator, and electronic compass, also magnetic compass.

• "Standard" VHF, "Kenwood" HF, "Furuno" Radar and "Icom" GPS / Plotter, also a "Twin Scope" interface.

• To port, is a l shape dinette with table, and outboard a counter top with book shelves. There is no evidence of water damage in this upper area, but the engine control panel has some oxidization that should be taken care of.

• To st, and down 4 steps, you enter the port hull. A hatch in the sole, at the bottom of the steps, gives access to the bilge. Forward, is a cabin with double berth, with storage under, and lockers forward. There is evidence of leaks on the aft blk head. Two sole hatches, give access to the bilge. Ventilation for this cabin, is via one port hole and one hatch that is escape size.

• Going aft, is a head with toilet and S/S sink that has pressure hot and cold water. Toilet is a "Raritan" manual. Ventilation is via one opening port.

• In the bilge area, are toilet Y valves, through hulls and a DC pump that shows evidence of being submersed in salt water. In this area, is a large hole through outboard side of hull. Aft again, is a shower, and through here, gives access to the engine room.

• All equipment, copper pipes, wire terminals, etc., in the lower areas of the engine room, have rust / corrosion. Equipment mounted higher, like fuel filters, MMC Engine Control Box, etc., are in good condition.

• Transmission, shaft coupling, etc., show heavy rusting, but on the other side of the half blk head the exhaust wet lift muffler, steering ram, HF antenna tuner, emergency tiller, etc., are in good condition.

• It is believed that flooding was confined to the lower bilge level. Ventilation is via blowers, and 2 opening ports.

• Fom the dinette area and down 4 steps, you enter the port hull. Forward, is a double berth cabin with storage under and lockers. Cabin sole in this area is parquet and has water damage. Ventilation is via opening port and escape size hatch.

• Aft is a head with S/S sink that has hot and cold pressure water and a "Raritan" Manual Toilet.

• Aft is the engine / machinery area. The "Perkins" 4-Cylinder Engine, has considerable rusting, and a check of the oil dip stick shows water contamination.

• Rusting / corrosion on pipes, motors, solenoids, transmission, terminals, etc., is considerable. As with the stb machinery area at higher levels the equipment, wiring, etc., appears in good condition. Tthis includes 2 compressors for the refrigeration system.

• Wet lift muffler, steering system and 2 spare propeller shaft, aft ,also appear in good condition.

**Please inspect carefully before bidding.

A trailer is not included in this sale.

Please read Motors and Machinery Disclaimer.

Motors and Machinery Disclaimer
No statement of condition can be made regarding motors, engines or machinery, whatsoever. A photo may appear of the engine compartment and machinery, but it is entirely the buyers responsibility to inspect and determine their actual condition.
* On occasion we receive unverified information regarding mechanical condition.



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