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I'm Ian Bossenger. My wife Gill and I are the owners of Sailtime San Diego - America's Finest City.

With average high of 68 °F and an average low 50 °F San Diego enjoys mild, mostly dry weather with an average of 200 days above 70°F. Temperatures vary little throughout the year making it a year round destination.

Our office, California Yacht Sales Inc., offers ASA sailing school, brokerage and new boat sales, captained charters and membership sailing in SailTime San Diego. We invite you to come and experience the wonder of sailing among the dolphins and whales!

Thank you for your interest in Sailtime. We are excited about the prospects for the franchise and look forward to growing our membership.

The program is a legitimate alternative to boat ownership and will meet the needs of some sailors.

Enjoy a beautiful new luxury sailboat without the expense or hassle of traditional ownership. SailTime is the global leader in fractional sailing with over thirty bases in the USA, Canada and Europe. Become a member on one of our 3 yachts and enjoy easy access to a new professionally maintained boat on your local waterway. Ideal for both new and seasoned boaters, SailTime makes time on the water simple and inexpensive. Our comprehensive training program ensures that anyone can use their boat safely with complete confidence.

As a Sailtime member you have full access to the marina’s facilities: http://www.harborislandwest.com/

We have 3 sailboats in our fleet, two Hunter 36's and a Hunter 38 here in San Diego, based in Harbor Island West Marina, on the west end of Harbor Island. Pricing is dependent on the boat of choice, ranging from $11,175 for the H36 to $13,275 per year for the H38.

What does the price include?

1. Guaranteed 6 weeks of yacht access per year, plus
2. Additional unlimited use of your yacht when reserved within 24 hours
3. No additional charter, rental or lease fees
4. No additional slip or mooring fees
5. No additional insurance premium
6. No cleaning fees, unless you request cleaning after a Catalina trip
7. No maintenance surcharges.
8. No management fees
9. No diver fees
10. No fuel or fueling fees, unless you go to Catalina.
11. No pump out fees

What services are provided?

1. Slip in San Diego Harbor
2. Insurance coverage
3. Professional cleaning
4. All maintenance including preventive maintenance
5. Fueling service
6. Pump out service
7. Water service
8. Diving service
9. Online reservation system
10. SeaTow membership
11. Group events like races, raft ups, cruises and parties.

How can I get started?

1. Sign Member reservation form
2. Sign Member Manual and Member Agreement and pay $2500 membership fee. Demonstrate your skills by passing
a. ASA written exam
b. The SailTime Skipper Competency Exam
3. Make a reservation online and start sailing!

Please let me know how I can help. More information on the merits of the program can be found on the website: www.sailtime.com

Please call me at your earliest convenience. I look forward to talking with you and showing you our beautiful yachts.

Telephone: 619-295-9669 (Office)
619-990-8501 (Cell)


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