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'Sailing Made Simple!'

Certified ASA sailing courses starting at only $454!

Sunny San Diego, is the ideal place to learn to sail and we are lucky enough to be able to sail all year long! With average high of 680F and an average low 500F San Diego enjoys mild, mostly dry weather with an average of 200 days above 700F. Temperatures vary little throughout the year making it a year round destination - balmy weather for most of our out-of-state students...

ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Certification
(2 days - $454 per person)
Our ASA 101 course puts you on an exciting Capri 22 keelboat, to learn the basics of what sailing's all about. You can learn to sail with our home study materials and our 2-day on-the-water sailing class. When you sign up for our Basic Sailing course, you will receive the ASA textbook Sailing Fundamentals, and an official ASA Log Book. You will be encouraged to study certain parts of the textbook prior to coming for your on-the-water sailing classes.
When you arrive in San Diego, CA for your class, you will spend two full days on a Capri 22 sloop, acquiring hands-on experience under the tutelage of a US Coast Guard-licensed captain and ASA certified instructor. There will be no more than four students on your boat, and each will take turns performing all of the necessary functions to operate the boat. At the end of the second day of your sailing class, you will take the test required for American Sailing Association certification. When you pass the test, the instructor will certify in your Log Book that you have passed the Basic Keelboat Sailing course.
The total cost is $395 per person. This includes logbook, text book, ASA test, certification and ASA membership.

ASA 103 Basic Coastal Cruising
(2 days - $534 per person)
Returning Student 10% Discount ! If you've taken 101 with us...
ASA 103 will prepare you to cruise in local and regional waters as skipper of an auxiliary powered sailboat up to about 30'. In addition to reviewing basic sailing aboard a larger boat, we'll cover how to maneuver under power, and practice several docking situations. Anchoring, basic navigation, safety and emergency procedures also emphasized.

ASA 104 Bareboat Chartering
(3 days - $734 per person)
Our Returning Student 10% Discount !
In Bareboat Chartering ASA 104, you'll learn how to operate systems found on large cruising boats. Basic troubleshooting and maintenance of such systems is also covered. In addition to handling a larger boat, aspects of point-to-point cruising, planning meals, living aboard, and fuel consumption, are some of the areas covered. Many of the chartering companies are now requiring this certification as evidence bareboaters are properly qualified to handle their yachts.

ASA 101/103 Combo
(3 days - $823 per person)
This course is ideal for the student who wants to get up to the larger cruising boat in one course. Generally, one day will be on the Capri 22 for points of sail etc. and then two days on a 30 foot boat to prepare the student to begin acquiring cruising experience.

ASA 103/104 Combo
(4 days - $1073 per person)
Our Returning Student 10% Discount !
For the student who already holds ASA 101, this class takes you through Bareboat Chartering. You'll learn anchoring (so you can sleep soundly!), provisioning for trips, and many other aspects associated with operating a larger vessel.

ASA 101/103/104 Combo
(5 days - $1440 per person)
This series of classes gets the student three levels of the above certifications in less than a week. Makes a great Learn-to-Sail Vacation!

Come learn to sail with us -Call today to schedule!

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