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The Com-Pac 35 was designed to be shoal-draft, stable, seakindly and fast. Performance is achieved by combining generous sail plan, moderate displacement, long waterline, generous beam, high ballast / displacement-ratio and the redeeming benefits of shoal-draft Scheel Keel. Beating to windward or running before the wind, full sail or reefed, the Com-Pac 35 is responsive and swift.

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California Yacht Sales, Inc. image COM-PAC 27/2

The Com-Pac 27/2 is built in the traditional Hutchins style, with bronze ports, bronze deck hardware, and extensive teak. She is fast, tracks straight, maneuvers tightly, and accelerates easily. Her balanced ends offer agile performance even in light air. She turns within her own length and motors as well as she sails. The Com-Pac 27/2's interior allows standing head room, six berths and an enclosed head with optional hot water shower. A full galley, hanging locker and storage space helps to satisfy the needs of a cruising family.

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The Com-Pac 25 offers easy handling with no sacrifice in creature comfort. With her accommodations for five, standing headroom, L-shaped galley and private enclosed head, she's an ideal choice for those wanting to move up or to scale down. At the helm she's nimble and responsive. Her underbody makes her fast, stable and close-winded. With her 8.5-foot beam, you can trailer her home at the end of the season.

Com-Pac 25 Specs click here

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Trailerable Cruisers


Designed for ease of trailering and of set up with the Mastendr™ System. The Eclipse, a new sloop from Hutchins has been designed with shallow 18” draft board up and 58” board down. The plum shallow entry bow allows this sloop to guide thru the roughest of sea with comfort. The cabin house is extended outboard gibing interior space that is unbelievable for that extended cruising. The transom is clutter free to provide easy boarding and the most convenient access to your outboard motor. You will find this “New Style” Sloop from Com-Pac will be fun and exciting to sail and cruise.

Com-Pac Eclipse details, please click here

California Yacht Sales, Inc. image COM-PAC 23/3

The Com-Pac 23/3 is the top of the trailerable Com-Pac line, offering accommodations and equipment which make her a most exceptional yacht. With a two-cabin layout for privacy, a standard-equipment, hide-a-way galley and shoal-draft keel developed from NACA low-drag, high-lift wing sections, the Com-Pac 23/3 is ready for extended cruising and gunkholing.

More information on the Com-Pac 23/3, click here

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Trailerable Cat Boats


The Horizon Cat is a classic boat for the diehard traditional sailor - a real Cape Cod cat with a shallow fin keel for added stability and windward performance. A high-aspect kick-up rudder is incorporated for convenience and extremely light helm. Quick, nimble, and comfortable, the Horizon Cat has a large cockpit and extensive accommodations. In addition. the exclusive Mastendr™ mast raising system revolutionizes the trailer-boating experience.

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California Yacht Sales, Inc. image THE SUN CAT

Clark Mills wanted to design a shoal daysailer that would rig and sail easily, quickly, and comfortably - as well as accommodate his family and friends. The Sun Cat was designed as an easily driven, roomy day boat and overnighter with a shoal draft to gunk hole along coasts and in harbors not accessible to more burdensome yachts. Outfitted with the Mastendr™ quick rig sailing system and stainless steel centerboard / trunk (as installed on her little sister the Picnic Cat), the Sun Cat will provide convenient trailering and maintenance-free enjoyment. Individuals who appreciate timeless design and quality fabrication, who wish to explore coastal waters and quiet creeks, and who demand value from a yacht, will warmly relate to the "new tradition" that the Sun Cat brings.

The Sun Cat Specs click here

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The Picnic Cat is from the drawing board of Clark Mills, designer of our former 16 CB and our 23/3, and well known also as the designer of the Optimist Pram and the Windmill One Design. Unlike her sister Com-Pacs the Picnic Cat has a centreboard rather than a keel. With her centerboard up she is beachable. Her broad hull form and the low center-of-effort of her gaff-rigged sail make her very stable. And her huge self-bailing cockpit and ample stowage offer unsurpassed comfort in a small, easily handled package. She's built of solid, hand-laid glass, with aluminum spars and stainless centerboard. In addition, the exclusive Mastendr™ mast raising system revolutionizes the trailer-boating experience.
For more information on the Picnic Cat please click here


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