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Sea Tow Annapolis, PO Box 3113, 901 Monroe St, Annapolis, MD, 21403, USA, (tel) 410-267-9115, (fax) 410-267-9665. E-mail.
Memberships, Towing & Salvage - 24hr service - boats located in Annapolis, Kent Narrows, Cambridge.
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SEA TOW Baltimore/Upper Chesapeake, 114 Carroll Island Rd., Baltimore, MD, 21220, USA, (tel) 410-335-6818, (fax) 410-335-3011. E-mail.
Assistance & commercial towing & vessel recovery/salvage. Local franchisee of international marine towing & salvage company. Memberships available for boats to 65' LOA. $119/year for unlimited towing,
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Eckhardt's Marine Services, 37 Sipple ave., Baltimore, MD, 21236, USA, (tel) 443 286-6990, (fax) 410 668-1113. E-mail.
Mobile service Engine Maintence,Repairs & outdrive service
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Solomons Marine Towing, PO Box 156, Solomons, MD, 20688, USA, (tel) 410-326-6801, (fax) 410-326-3982. E-mail.
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