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Morley Yachting Services, 326 Smith Street, Port Stanley, ON, N5L1C6, Canada, (tel) 519-782-3205. E-mail.
Our company's focus is to help cruisers become medically self-sufficient by teaching a "Practical Offshore First Aid " course. We also sell comprehensive first aid kits.
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Captain Fred's, PO Box 386, Niagra Falls, ON, Canada, (tel) 905-937-5972. E-mail.
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Charlebois Enterprises, 122 St. Felix Street, Cornwall, ON, K6H 5A4, Canada, (tel) 613-932-3831.
Hydraulic and Roller trailers up to 41 feet. > Local and long distance hauling. One way Holiday Packages
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Datch Marine, 93 Warwood Road, Toronto, ON, M9B 5B6, Canada, (tel) 416-822-0631. E-mail.
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