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E.Y.E., 327 Prince Albert Rd, Dartmouth, NS, B2Y !N7, Canada, (tel) (902)463-8940, (fax) (902)463-6319. E-mail.
E.Y.E. is a team of professional Naval Architects and Marine Engineers who specialise in the design of efficienct, practical and suitable ships and boats for their intended service.
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Gammon Yacht Design, Dr. Mark A. Gammon, 14 Fleming Drive, Halifax, NS, B3N 3E3, Canada, (tel) +1 (902) 430-5173 (cell). E-mail.
Yacht design, hull form optimisation. Classic and period design of small craft.
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Lengkeek Vessel Engineering, 11 Portland St, Dartmouth, NS, Canada, (tel) (902)468-3094, (fax) (902)463-6319. E-mail.
LVE is an ISO 9001 certified naval architecture firm that has earned a solid reputation for supplying progressive engineering and drafting services to the offshore and marine industries.
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