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Nomad Furniture, 111-B Safrit Drive, Beaufort, NC, 28516, USA, (tel) (919) 728-1630, (fax) (919) 728-1755. E-mail.
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Hutton Furniture Co, Inc, PO Box 158/1220 - 19th St SW, Hickory, NC, 28601, USA, (tel) 704 322-3330.
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Yacht Boxes and More, Inc., 9917 Dauphine Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28216, USA, (tel) 704-408-3658. E-mail.
The Yacht Box is a handcrafted cherry piece of furniture, that is beautiful in appearence. Completely stocked with many needed items while on a yachting adventure. Great funtional item. Take a look
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