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Panama Brokerage, Panama, 0823, Panama, (tel) 50766928634. E-mail.
Offshore Forex, Brokerage Legal Services and Banking in the Republic of Panama
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Bio-Chem Control, S.A., 30St., Balboa Ave., Build. 19,, Local No.1, Panama, Panama, (tel) 225-6438, (fax) 225-6438. E-mail.
Vessel & cargo fumigation, pollution control advisor, Panama Canal and Panamenian ports and waters.
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Nautical Electronics, S.A., Nautical Center, Corozal West, Panama, Panama, (tel) +507 225-1142, (fax) +507 225-1203. E-mail.
Marine Electronics Sales & Service at the Panama Canal (NO CURE-NO PAY POLICY)
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Nelson Newball, Ave. Cuba y Calle 38, Los Cristales No. 16, Panama, 8322557 WTC, Panama, (tel) 507-663-2383, (fax) 507-227-2169. E-mail.
We offer 17 years experience in transiting Yachts and Commercial Vessel thru the Panama Canal. We offer all related maritime services. Quote with us and you will see the prices with no compromise.
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