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Arteidea - Kara Group, Via Michele Coppino North 237, Viareggio, (LU), 55049, Italy, (tel) +39-0584-386204, (fax) +39-05840389501. E-mail.
Sculpture and engraving. Personalized products, bas-relief, inlay, reproduction, sculpture, illuminated tables and panels, produced with first quality materials such as leccese stone, brass, marble, wood, glass, acrylic crystal, plexiglass and so on.
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Raffaella Corfini - Kara Group, Via M. Coppino N. 237, Viareggio, 55049, Italy, (tel) +39-0584-386204, (fax) +39-0584-389501. E-mail.
Restorer, frescoes, trompe l'oeil, marble imitation, art work expertise, specialization in marine reproduction for the boating industry. Work shop in Florence, Italy.
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