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PRICE DROP - 10/14/16

43' Frers Center Cockpit 1986, Beautifully Constructed Frers Design. NOW asking $49,000 from $55,000. Sea Harrier is a pedigree high performance cruiser featuring the same beautiful lines of the famous Stevens /Hylas 47 and 49s, and features the shoal draft keel/centerboard underwater profile that was so successfully used on the Frers designed F&C 44. With her sleek lines and distinctive profile, she will be a head turner in any port. Email the listing broker Todd Duff, at todd@bviyachtsales.com or call 1-877-310-9458 for information.

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NEW LISTING - 10/14/16

39' Freedom 39, 1984. Superb Value! Asking $49,000. ‘Dances With Whales’ is being put up for sale, to be SOLD. Her owner is very motivated as shown by her ‘asking price’ and depending on timelines and contingencies is still willing to ‘talk’. This is the time of the year to buy and this Freedom 39 Schooner will be testament of just that. Located here on Tortola, BVI. Email the listing broker Clive Allen, at clive@bviyachtsales.com or call 1-877-310-9458 for information.

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BVI Yacht Sales Ltd has been voted as the "Best Yacht Brokerage in the Virgin Islands for 2016"! Thank you once again for all of your support to make this happen. BVI Yacht Sales is now the Reader's Choice of VI Property and Yacht Guide "Best Brokerage" every year since 2013. 35 Years in business and we are the "Informative Brokers" and strive to provide first rate service. For more information on all of listings, please email at info@bviyachtsales.com or call 1-877-310-9458 for information.

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PRICE DROP - 10/10/16

39' Hallberg Rassy, 1999. World Cruising Equipped! Kia Orana is an exceptionally well equipped and well cared for example of this legendary offshore design. A veteran of multiple cruising rallies and open water passages has also spent some time cruising in the Caribbean, and yet, her equipment and systems are all still young and fresh enough to be reliable for one wanting to jump across the Pacific, or around the world. In hurricane safe storage for the summer, Kia Orana could be launched in November to take you on your cruising adventures. Email the listing broker Todd Duff, at todd@bviyachtsales.com or call 1-877-310-9458 for information.

BVI Yacht Sales Ltd. image A Letter From an Escapee
By Todd Duff On September 29, 2016

I’m a former marine surveyor and a long-time cruiser who recently returned to the workforce as a yacht broker in the Caribbean and something quite interesting has come to my attention of late; World events and in particular recent developments in U.S. politics has brought about a fairly urgent response from many people who feel the need to ‘get away’. I’ve seen all sorts of Facebook posts about U.S. citizens threatening to move to Canada, or Peru, or wherever, if ‘So and So’ gets elected. From where I sit, safe and happy aboard my sailboat in the British Virgin Islands, it seems to me that there’s a lot of really discontented and unhappy, maybe even scared people out there who want to get away from the madness.
And then there are the sailors. These people know how to get away and most have a pretty good idea of where to go and how to go about doing it. For the lucky few who already own an ocean going sailboat they could escape on if and when the local environment gets just a little to unfriendly, I would not be surprised over the coming years to see a much higher number of people heading out to go cruising if for no better reason than to distance themselves from the heated and deliberately misleading rhetoric of politics.Your escape pod need not be large This seaworthy little yacht cost under $30k
These lucky people own sailboats that could best be described as “escape pods’. Like the science fiction books and movies, where large spaceships had escape pods to allow people to get away when danger was threatening the integrity of their mothership, world cruising sailboats can offer the same safety net for sailors who realize that until things settle down again at home, or if things get just too uncomfortable, that their escape pods can carry them far away to the safety of distant shores.
There a really is a wonderful world out there. If you avoid the major sailing centers and big, well known ports and instead go to the smaller places; like the northern Cook Islands or the more remote islands of Tonga or Fiji, you’ll find people living in the most natural environments. The same holds true for almost any small country or remote outpost of civilization. More often than not, you’ll find rational ideals, goodwill and caring for one another as the cornerstones of their societies.
What better time in the history of the world to go ocean cruising than right now? With the current state of world affairs, I expect that we will be seeing a huge surge of ‘sailing refugees’ in their own escape pod sailboats setting out upon the world’s oceans and fanning out to the four winds to find a new beginning in places not yet stricken by 21st century greed and corruption.
Many of our good friends live their lives on the sea by staying more or less in constant motion. They arrive at one island group and spend several months, then sail on to the next, and then on again and eventually, a year or so later, they return to the first. I know people who have been doing this for years and are quite happy, with friends in many different countries who they see on a yearly or semi-annual basis.
A perfect Escape Pod, ready to head across oceans
If you are fed up with the way the society is headed and are lucky enough, or smart enough, to have the ability to sail, or are at least willing to learn, then maybe you should consider taking on the vagabond lifestyle of the cruising sailor. We are not total dropouts. We pay our taxes on income earned, we keep in contact with family and friends via email and calls, and we even occasionally fly home to visit loved ones. But what we don’t do is sit in our urban or suburban homes in debt, taxed, charged or everything from water to electricity (which we get free from the sky, the sun and wind) and with our every move regulated and constricted. We are free to go whenever we wish, and in many areas of the world we are free to stay as long as we desire. We are not prisoners of society. We are free spirits.
I can think of no loftier goal in this world that to become emissaries of good will and positive influences on the people we meet on our world travels. Fed up with your life at home and want a change? Go find yourself an escape pod and jettison the trappings of modern society that hold you prisoner. Escape to the freedom of the open ocean and see where the four winds will take you.
Todd Duff and Gayle Suhich are currently living aboard their Amel Super Maramu in the Caribbean. Todd, a former Accredited Marine Surveyor, has returned to yacht sales in the BVI to assist people in finding their own escape pods.

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43' Fountaine Pajot Belize 43, 2007! NOW asking $174,000 from $190,000. Sleek, modern styling and thoughtful design features are hallmarks of the Belize 43 catamaran. Her deck plan is clean and simple for fast and carefree sailing and, with a large cockpit and trampoline, entertaining guests is a breeze. 'Primula' has been successful in charter with an excellent charter company and is now available for private owners to cruise the Caribbean Islands. 'Primula' has been well maintained all of her life and has received numerous upgrades in recent years so that she continues to show well. New sails and general good care have this vessel ready for immediate cruising. Email the listing broker Brian Duff, at brian@bviyachtsales.com or call 1-877-310-9458 for information.

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PRICE DROP - 07/25/16

39' Beneteau Oceanis 393, 2005. Great Condition, Cruise Ready! NOW asking $78,000 from $85,000. Pinta started out as a private vessel and had light usage for her first three years. In 2008 she began charter work with a very nice small charter company and she has had excellent care throughout her career and shows well for her age. She would be ideal for a family for cruising the Caribbean. These 393s really sail! They have tons of space and storage. Pinta is attractively priced, especially when you consider good equipment, dinghy, etc. If you are seeking a well-priced, capable cruising yacht already located in the heart of the Caribbean’s best cruising grounds, look no further! Contact listing broker Todd Duff for many additional detail photos and a complete verbal description of this great boat! Email the listing broker Todd Duff, at todd@bviyachtsales.com or call 1-877-310-9458 for information.

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NEW LISTING - 07/22/16

38' Dufour 385 Grand Large 2005. Asking $99,000. This Dufour 385 is a well designed and constructed (Design Category A Ocean) performance cruiser that is truly ready to go cruising. She has just been very much enjoyed by her current owners, never chartered and has only moderate engine hours, she is a boat that shows very well, cleanly inside and out and clearly has received great care and attention. She is very well cruise equipped with almost everything one could wish for including a full suite of electronics (including radar), four sails that include a staysail and Genneker. As well as being a 40th Anniversary Edition, she has also received all kinds of valuable upgrades over the last few years, including two sails, RIB dinghy, outboard (2016) and a Maxprop, amongst some of the more notable items. She is equipped with a tremendous Targa arch and dinghy davit arrangement with solar panels, she has a moderate draft, to allow for Bahamian cruising if desired, and has been keenly priced for a timely sale. Last but not least, she truly is larger all around than her length would suggest and appears to offer the equivalent space that a 41’ boat usually would. Email the listing broker Chris Simpson, at chris@bviyachtsales.com or call 1-877-310-9458 for information.

BVI Yacht Sales Ltd. image

PRICE DROP - 07/12/16

46' Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2 2003 Nice Upgrades, Loaded for Cruising! NOW asking $123,000 from $135,000. The Jeanneau 45.2 is well known and admired for her tremendously large cockpit and was one of the first designs to offer a twin wheel set up, as with all Jeanneaus of this era these boats were built strongly using traditional stronger layup techniques and are powerful, fast sailing boats. Her deeper draft also makes her an excellent upwind performer. This vessel has been in private ownership for many years now and has been exceptionally upgraded and maintained by her caring and knowledgeable owner. Her upgrades in recent years really are too numerous to list here so please do look at the full specifications to see how much added value she now has, highlights are three independent refrigeration systems, a beautiful custom targa arch incorporating solar array, wind generator and dinghy davits (the latter holding a lovely RIB, with custom tube covers and a 15 hp engine). She has also recently been supplied with an array of new electronics as well as having a water maker, invertor etc. She is more than ready to go cruising anywhere her next owner desires, in tremendous comfort and style. If you are looking for a fully equipped cruising boat that is both sea worthy and performs well and is ready to go in almost every respect, then this boat is well worthy of your serious consideration! Email the listing broker Chris Simpson, at chris@bviyachtsales.com or call 1-877-310-9458 for information.

BVI Yacht Sales Ltd. image

PRICE DROP - 07/12/16

42' Dufour 425 Gran' Large 2012. Air, Water Maker, Late Model! NOW asking $124,500 from $135,000. As quite possibly the first monohull to be available for purchase out of MarineMax’s new charter fleet in the BVI, this is no ordinary ex-charter boat offering! As a 2012 model she has done less chartering than most so only has moderate engine hours on her almost new looking engine and is equipped with many features not found on other charter vessels of this length, namely a water maker, electric heads, touch screen chart plotter and full dockside air con. She shows cleanly, offers a performance hull, great sized cockpit and comfortable interior accommodations including a very comfortable center queen bed forward with separate ensuite shower and head. Although not yet as well known in North America as the Beneteaus and Jeanneaus these vessels are just as well designed and constructed and in some ways are superior. Email the listing broker Chris Simpson, at chris@bviyachtsales.com or call 1-877-310-9458 for information.


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