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EnergyTech Marine 83 HD-X, Newport Beach, CA

US$ 6,750,000

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Interested in this boat? Toll-free: 866-375-8482
Tel: 949-642-5735
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Newport Beach, CA
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US$ 6,750,000 

This vessel is currently under construction. Please check back for updates as the vessel progresses.

EnergyTech Marine Group's brand new 83 HD-X™ model is the industry's first full hybrid super yacht. It is nearing completion and has launched for powered sea trials. It offers a unique combination of sail, diesel-electric, battery-electric, and jet drive propulsion. Designed for high performance world cruising, this revolutionary new generation sailing yacht operates fossil fuel optional because the full hybrid power system includes a regeneration package charged under sail by embedded twin hydro-electric turbines.

Advanced propulsion design enables this yacht to power using diesel engines or its completely fuel-free mode harnessing its unprecedented battery capacity. This is a first for a super yacht sized vessel. Instead of traditional heavy lead acid marine batteries, EnergyTech Marine's proprietary Lithium-ion system is extremely small and light due to ultra-high energy density. The industry's first Lithium-ion house battery bank is constructed using cobalt-free, safe chemistries. The system enables the yacht to remain at anchor for weeks, while running a generous 120 and 240 volt house load, without starting a generator. The EnergyTech Marine Li-ion battery power options include the usable amperage equivalent of 696 size 8D lead acid batteries, which would weigh 33 tons with wiring and would be impossible to fit in the boat.

Diesel-free global cruising range is available. With just the press of a button to open the imbedded flumes, nacelle-encapsulated hydro-electric turbines generate free electricity while the vessel is under sail or at anchor in a tidal current. If the wind dies, the battery system and 422 horsepower electric motors power the vessel to the next destination. With over half a megawatt of onboard power generators, battery recharge time is minutes using the yacht's diesel engines, if you prefer.

Besides the propulsion brain and brawn, the 83 HD-X is also long on strength and beauty. Hull construction is of modern cored composite. The crew of British, German, and American craftsmen has achieved the highest-level neo-classical interior space. The design with ebony inlaid teak, tapered fluted columns, raised panel carpentry, and imported Italian leather throughout exceeds anything in its class. The six cabins (four guest and two crew) include a unique terrace suite with sliding stainless steel and curved glass exit onto the large swim platform. This level of styling and quality is typically available only in yachts thirty feet longer and $10 million more in cost.

The yacht is extremely roomy for its size. The spaciousness is one of the payoffs of the 83 HD-X diesel-electric system. By eliminating the mechanical power train of transmissions and propeller shafts, EnergyTech Marine's designers were able to position the engine-generator sets in such a way as to free up a great deal of valuable below-deck space.

The yacht's modern high torque water-glycol cooled permanent magnet electric motors will out-accelerate any diesel engine of the same horsepower. The EnergyTech Marine package delivers 100% of its 422 horsepower torque at one rpm. A large diesel engine at idle might produce only 18 horsepower.

Pure sailing performance is enhanced as a result of the new-generation cavitation-free displacement-speed jet drives, which replace the drag of props, shafts and struts. Powering performance is enhanced by the combination of the efficiency of diesel-electric and transmission-free drive trains.

Increased fuel economy in fossil fuel mode is made possible by this yacht, at 35 tons, being 30 tons lighter than its competitors, coupled with the fact that diesel electric increases mileage by as much as 50%.

The 83 HD-X is about uncompromised speed and power along with the systems to generate and store the required energy. The yacht's ability to deliver a massive amount of energy to high-power jet drives redefines battery propulsion. Buyers can choose the options that match their needs.

For complete details, contact Agent William Palmer at 760-809-6333 (mobile), 949-642-5735 (office) or E-mail:

Please contact William Palmer at 760-809-6333

Interested in this boat? Toll-free: 866-375-8482
Tel: 949-642-5735

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