1986 Sterling 147

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Twin / diesel
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1986 147' Sterling Mega Yacht COMPLETE REFIT!


Beautiful Huge Observation Salon with circular sofa and interspersed cocktail tables, a twelve guest Dining Salon, enormous Master Suite with private corridor past the elevator landing, His & Her Bathrooms, Jacuzzi Tub & separate Shower, Desk and Sitting area, a VIP Suite, Port & Starboard Guest Suites, convertible Study, Forward Sundeck, Alfresco Dining Deck, Helicopter Landing Pad/ Jacuzzi and more !. NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED!

This exceptional vessel had a complete interior refit in 2010 by Pininfarina. The absolute highest level of all interior design and furnishings. In the past 17 months Matrix Rose has had a complete refit of all mechanical systems. All mechanical systems were replaced NEW, including Twin Mitsubishi high output Engines, New Transmissions, New Generators, New Air Condition/Heat systems, New Duct work, New septic System, New Electrical Panels, New Water Makers, New Invertors, All state of the art new electronical Navigation, Etc.

With the complete exterior paint job just finished she is virtually a New Yacht! Of ship Quality.

Builder: Sterling Yachts
Designer: Jon Bannenberg
Flag of Registry: Jamaica

LOA: 147 ft 0 in
Beam: 27 ft 6 in
Minimum Draft: 8 ft 7 in
Maximum Draft: 9 ft 0 in

Total Power: 2618 HP

Engine 1:
Engine Brand: Mitsubishi
Engine Type: Inboard
Engine/Fuel Type: Diesel
Engine Power: 1309 HP
Engine 2:
Engine Brand: Mitsubishi
Engine Type: Inboard
Engine/Fuel Type: Diesel
Engine Power: 1309 HP

Cruising Speed: 12 knots
Maximum Speed: 15 knots

Fresh Water Tanks: (2000 Gallons)
Fuel Tanks: (16500 Gallons)

Number of cabins: 5
Number of heads: 6

    •     Tenders on lower deck
    •     An elevator to all decks
    •     A 3,750 mile range
Sleeps 10 – 12 guests

Refit 90% complete:
    •    Master stateroom on the main deck
    •    Four staterooms below
    •     Two 18' new Nautica's
    •    Hydraulic operated custom swim platform with diving board aft
    •    Helicopter pad aft, sundeck & jacuzzi
    •    All new engines
    •    All new generators
    •    New galley equipment
    •    New air conditioner

Hull Fortification
    •    22 plugs installed in the hull below the water to cover all the thru-hulls for watertight engine room with ( 2) new sea chests added for safety
    •    Full paint job on exterior of vessel (98% complete)
    •    All teak cap-rails sanded to bare, coated with 12 coats, re-caulked (95% complete)
    •    All exterior hardware - Polish and replace, re-seal during installation (90% complete)
    •    Exterior rub-rails on hulls removed and machine polished, resealed and re-fitted
    •    All exterior wiring inspected and replaced as necessary (50% complete)
    •    All exterior electronics - serviced and detailed, replaced as needed, re-seal when installed (80% complete)
    •    All exterior windows polished to remove water marks
    •    All scupper drains overhauled and re-finished (90% complete)
    •    All exterior light fittings removed, polished and replaced
    •    All exterior lights switched over to LED (50%)
    •    All exterior stair lighting replaced with LED (20%)
    •    All exterior stainless hardware, handrails, and fairleads removed, refurbished, replaced and    re-caulked
    •    All exterior cushions cleaned and detailed (not all stains removed) (100%)
    •    All outdoor lockers sanded, resurfaced as needed, painted (100%)
    •    All outdoor locker teak floorboards removed, pressure washed, re-sealed, replaced (100%)
    •    New safety tracks (working aloft tracks) installed (Stbd. Side Complete) (50%)
    •    All capstan winches stripped and overhauled (90%)
    •    Tender cradles removed, sandblasted, powder coated, re-surfaced with rubber (95%)

Engine Room
Percentage's below indicates degree of completion:

Nearly every component in the engine room is new.  Every item was removed, all surfaces brought back to raw materials, and modifications were made to walls and flat surfaces to accommodate equipment in a new space-saving energy efficient and modern configuration.
    •    All engine room surfaces were re-primed and re-painted prior to installing new equipment
    •    All plumbing is new in engine room
    •    All wiring is new
    •    All new walls, insulation and soundproofing materials renewed
    •    2 new Mitsubishi 1309HP continuous duty engines (80%)
    •    2 new twin-disc continuous duty transmissions (80)%
    •      Fabricate and Install custom designed Soundown/Iso Flex engine mounts (80%)
    •    New Vulken custom built transmission coupling (80%)
    •    2 new Tier 3 Kohler 99kw generators (90%)
    •    Install Engine and Generator Sounddowns and Exhaust piping and isolation valves (60%)
    •    Custom designed and fabricated raw water strainers and crossover piping and manifold (40%)
    •    2 new Headhunter whisper quiet high volume fresh water pumps (90%)
    •    New fresh water accumulator (90%)
    •    2 New Tankless water heaters, 15kw (90%)
    •    2 custom design and fabricated mixing tanks for the water heaters (100%)
    •    2 Technomare water makers built into one unit (95%)
    •    Complete Custom Designed and Fabricated Switch board Panel (97%)
a)      Full automatic operation
b)      Ability for Full manual operation
c)       Automated Generator Load Management
d)      Integrated Emergency Stops
e)      Integrated Air Conditioning Unit Controls
f)       Integrated Water Treatment Unit Controls
g)      Integrated Zero Speed Unit Controls
h)      Twin Integrated Monitoring System Controls
i)        Integrated ATLAS Frequency Converter Controls for World-Wide power connection
    •    New 3 x 15T air conditioning plant (95%)
a)      All new raw water pumps (3)
b)      All new circulation pumps (2)
    •    New walk-in Fridge and walk-in freezer - compressors, piping, wiring, sensors and heated drains (98%)
    •    All new complete USCG Certified Headhunter waste treatment plant (98%)
a)      All new black and gray water transfer pumps (5) (100%)
b)      All new raw water pumps (1) (100%)
c)       All new plumbing from tanks to treatment plant (100%)
d)      All new blackwater strainers (100%)
    •    New Quantum 1500 Zero Speed Stabilization System (80% paid for not installed)
a)      New stabilizer control units and all new wiring (90%)
    •    New alfa laval fuel cleaning system (90%)
    •    1 Reverso fuel priming pump (90%)
    •    All new custom design and built fuel supply system (60%)
    •    1 x 110V Reverso fuel lift pump (90%)
    •    1 x 110V Reverso transfer pump (90%)
    •    1 x 24V Reverso fuel transfer pump (90%)
    •    1 x 24V Reverso fuel lift pump(90%)
    •    1 Manual transfer pump (90%)
    •    Complete custom designed and built Reverso lube oil transfer and management system (90%)
    •    New dirty oil discharge pump (100%)
    •    Replaced the fuel transfer piping and manifold (90%)
    •    Full rebuild of ALL fuel isolation valves (100%)
    •    2 new Depco emergency fire and bilge pumps (100%)
    •    Complete custom designed and built fire/bilge manifold and piping system
    •    Complete overhaul of oily water separator system (100%)
a)      New accumulators (100%)
b)      New Filters (100%)
    •    Fabricate and installed new mounting plate for Generators (100%)
    •    Crane in and install generators on new plates with new double sound reducing engine mounts (100%)
    •    Targt Hull Shafts -  Lazer sight of drive train for correct alignment of engines and gears (0%)
    •    Install transmissions on new mounts (50%)
    •    Install serviced and re-built 3-deck elevator hydraulic pack and controls (50%)
    •    Install vibration isolators on master floor support beams (30%)
    •    Install new lights for 120V and 24v in case of power loss (0%)
    •    Sensors and controls for tanks, Air Con, sanitation tanks, etc (60%)
    •    Install engine controls and monitoring panels (0%)
    •    Install (6) monitors for vessel monitoring, control and viewing throughout the yacht (100%)
    •    Professional cleaners to High Pressure treat all bilges, tanks (100%)
    •    Installation of fire and bilge monitoring and alarms (100%)
    •    Install remote monitoring alarm system (90%)
    •    Removal of Halon Cylinder (being phased out by 2017), replace with two FM200 cylinders as per specs (50%)
    •    Installation of new piping for FM200 as per engineered specs (50%)
    •    All new fireproof A60 insullation for walls of engine room (100%)
    •    All new fireproof A60 overengineered insulation for engine room overhead (0%)
    •    New extraction and Ventilation Fans for Engine Room(0%)
    •    New circulation fans (20%)
    •    Install Fire Doors at Galley (100%)
    •    Design and install new fire dampers in exhaust vents (old pneumatic system obsolete) (0%)
    •    Install pulls or triggers for new fire dampers (0%)
    •    Install rebuilt emergency fuel cutoff valves (old pneumatic system obsolete) (0%)

Deck Equipment Areas
Bow Thruster:
    •    Remove, test and service motor.  Replace parts as needed (100%)
    •    Tender and ICON Cranes: Fix hydraulic leaks (20%)
    •    Get tested and certified as per Flag State safety requirements (0%)
Jet-ski Cranes:
    •    Inspect control pendants, replace cable as per Flag State rule (100%)
    •    Get tested and certified as per Flag State safety requirements (100%)
Anchor and Anchor Pocket:
    •    Anchor Pocket - repaired, machined and polished (100%)
    •    (2) Anchors - repaired, machined, polished (100%)
Anchor Windlass:
    •    Remove with crane for testing (90%)
    •    Take apart motors from gears, take motors to get bench tested (50%)
    •    Re-fabricate damage gear parts of windlass (50%)
    •    Fabricate motor housing for one of the windlass motors beyond repair (100%)
    •    Fabricate new, solid, safe deck plate under windlasses (0%)
Side Deck Doors:
    •    Repair and install as per Flag requirements (after painting) (100%)
    •    All exterior doors, lockers: Remove all doors and give to C&N to paint.  Refurbish interior... sand, re-paint, re-install safety gear (80%)
    •    Service and re-install painted doors.  Replace parts, handles, hinges and locks as needed (80%)
    •    Wheel House doors removed, hinges removed and replaced with larger hardware and frames (100%)
Watertight Hatches:
    •    Service and fix as necessary.  Get flag certificate
    •    Square hatch to be fabricated to cover current round anchor locker as per Flag State requirements (0%)
Transom Door:
    •    Hydraulic transom door motors removed re-wound. Painted (100%)
    •    Custom design and install of new nameboards (40%)
Rails and Lifelines:
    •    Replace lifelines and polish all stanchions, rails, table legs (100%)
Safety and Emergency Equipment:
    •    Send out liferafts to be tested, updated and with new certificates (0%)
    •    Liferaft release latches removed, overhauled and replaced (90%)
    •    Liferaft racks removed, sandblasted, powered coated, and replaced (100%)
    •    All fire safety lockers refurbished and re-installed with either hoses or extinguishers or firefighting gear (50%)


Raw Water System:
    •    Completely redesigned raw water manifold and intake system (50%)
Exhaust system:  
    •    Adjust and modify hull penetrations and exhaust ducts as needed for new exhaust systems (40%)
Running gear overhaul:
    •    Pull shafts and inspect for damage (0%)
    •    Install new shaft seals bearings (3 per side) (50%)
Sea chest and thru-hulls:
    •    Design and fabricate safer and more efficient double sea chest/raw water system (50%)
    •    Inspect all thru-hulls for damage, re-fiberglass or replace as necessary (50%)
    •    Re-built or re-new all useful valves (95%)
Steering gear service:
    •    Complete overhaul and load testing of steering pumps (100%)
    •    Install back-up steering system in steering space (0%)
    •    Test remote emergency steering, troubleshoot and fix as needed (0%)
    •    Drop rudders, inspect bearings for damage, overhaul or replace as necessary (0%)
Stabilizer System:
    •    Install newer/larger fins. Reinforce stabilizer beds as per structural drawings (0%)
    •    Connect to stabilizer power pack, test, commission and tune (0%)
    •    Access transducer tank, test equipment, replace as needed (0%)
Underwater lights:
    •    Design and install underwater lighting (owner’s choice) (40%)

Crew and Service Areas
    •    Galley panel electrical repairs and modification (100%)
    •    Install proper ducting from stovetop to boat vents (0%)
    •    Re-plumb for aircon cold water loop to install additional air handler (60%)
    •    Install manual fire supression system in galley hood (0%)
    •    Install drop ceiling, insulation and covering for overhead (0%)
    •    Install new Galley fridge/freezer and one crew refrigerator (95%)
    •    Install electronics, screens, TV, link to mast head cameras (0%)
    •    Service and/or Troubleshoot galley auxillary equipment (Icemaker, dishwasher, food macerator etc) (100%)
    •    Design and install new galley pantry (previously dumbwaiter space) (100%)
    •    Install new flag-required fire doors (100%)
Lower Crew Area:
    •    Sanded and Painted bilges then installed flooring framework and stairs (100%)
    •    Rebuild of lower crew quarters (0%)
    •    Re-install washers/dryers and wire to preferential tripping system
    •    Run new chill-water lines to walk-in freezer and fridge (100%)
Upper Crew:
    •    Install vessel monitoring screens and stations in Engineer, Master Cabin and crew table area (100%)
    •    Grind, sand and re-paint bow-thruster room (100%)
    •    Re-install 120HP electric bowthruster (has already been tested and re-wound) (80%)
Bridge Helm:
    •    Bridge electrical panel repairs and modification to 24V backup system (100%)
    •    Install GMDSS 24v battery backup for all emergency communication equipment (100%)
    •    Remove all obsolete wiring (80%)
    •    Develop and install professional Maritron yacht monitoring  system (80%)
    •    Install fire and bilge alarm system with remote monitoring (100%)
    •    Purchase and install two new Simrad X-band 6' radars, with new cabelling (IMO approved) (100%)
    •    Installation and connection of 4 new Hataland helm touch screens (100%)
    •    Install new "black box" recording system (50%)
    •    Install Benwa "dead man" alarm system (100%)
    •    Install new NEMA 2000 communication network (50%)
    •    Install 2 new Navigation computers (1 for Transas and 1 for Nobeltech) (0%)
    •    Install additional backup (stand alone) Simrad GPS (0%)
    •    Install Simrad satellite compass receiver (0%)
    •    Swing magnetic compass (0%)
    •    Install control panel for zero speed stabilitzers (50%)
    •    Install new 12 CCTV camera system with controls and recording (50%)
    •    Purchase and install Simrad 4G Radar (100%)
    •    Install 2 mast head and 1 stern IR spotlights (0%)
    •    Purchase and install FLIR night vision fwd and super low light camera aft (50%)
    •    Install touch screen chart table (0%)
    •    Install new main engine monitoring control panels and wiring (50%)
    •    Install new Simrad and Sirius XM wind and weather monitoring system (50%)
    •    Remove, tighten and re-install overhead material (0%)
    •    Overhaul windscreen wipers with new paint, also fix fresh water feed (50%)
    •    Replaced grounding wire from lighting rod to keel (100%)
    •    All navigation lights overhauled and converted to LED (100%)
    •    All navigation lights cables replaced (100%)
    •    All exterior deck lights replaced with LED (50%)
    •    All new GMDSS antennas (100%)
    •    1m V-Sat and TV domes and wiring relocated to top of mast (50%)
    •    New support fabricated and installed for 2 new x-band radar (100%)
    •    New cabelling for new x-band radars (100%)
    •    Horns removed, re-chromed (100%)
    •    New air lines and wiring installed for horns (0%)
    •    New air compressor and accumulator for horns (0%)
    •    New antennas installed for Comms, VHF, UHF, DSC, AIS, HF DSC, Backups (100%)
    •    New WIFI receiver antenna (100%)
    •    Old helm, located on mast, removed (100%)
    •    Remove, overhaul, refit and reseal spotlight (100%)
    •    Old exhaust stacks by-passed for underwater exhaust (50%)
Stew Pantry – Lower:
    •    Service Test and troubleshoot all auxillary equipment (dishwasher, icemaker, fridge) (100%)
    •    Design and fabricate storage cabinet (fwd, near bridge stairs) (0%)
    •    Sand and re-varnish wood flooring (0%)
Stew Pantry – Upper Salon:
    •    Service Test and troubleshoot all auxillary equipment (dishwasher, fridge) (80%)
    •    Design and install storage cabinets in Upper Salon (new idea) (0%)

Guest Areas
Owners Stateroom:
    •    Reinstall flooring vibration/sound-proofing framework (100%)
    •    Replace flooring insulation (100%)
    •    Replace master suite wallsections and cabinets (20%)
    •    Replace sub-floor, cushioning and carpet (50%)
    •    Install furniture (0%)
    •    Make sure all electronics work (Blinds, Lighting, AV) (0%)
Guest Area -- Formal Dining:
    •    Replace broken table glass as per owner’s choice (0%)
    •    Cut out dividing wall and convert to usable cabinets with new shelves and lots of storage (100%)
    •    Finish varnish on new cabinet in dining room (100%)
    •    Sand and re-varnish flooring at formal entrance (0%)
    •    Fix leaks in fresh water and fire system piping under guest flooring (30%)
    •    Install sub-flooring with proper access hatches (80%)
    •    Purchase and install carpet cushioning (0%)
    •    Stretch and re-install carpet (0%)
    •    Make sure all electronics work (Blinds, Lighting, AV) (0%)
    •    Install floor, tile and appropriate access hatches in guest cabin foyer (0%)
Guest Area -- Upper Salon:
    •    Service, test, troubleshoot and fix motorized blinds (0%)
    •    Install V-cool on windows (40%)
    •    Install AV receivers, switchers etc (0%)
    •    Install IT computers, routers, Wifi equipment (0%)
    •    Install flooring & overhead by door to bridgedeck aft (removed due to water damage). Re-install lights (80%)
    •    Fabricate and install framing for door between skylounge and aft deck (80%)
    •    Design, fabricate & install automatic door with sensors between Upper Salon & Bridge Deck Aft (50%)
Guest Area -- Sun Deck:
    •    Hot Tub -- Replace hot tub glass (broken by contractors, covered by their insurance) and re-sealed (70%)
    •    HotTub -- Fill and fair hot tub surface and paint (70%)
    •    Hot Tub -- Fill, run and troubleshoot Hot Tub after water system in engine room online.  Fix and replace pump and plumbing parts as necessary (0%)
    •    Hot Tub Aft deck -- Polish stanchions (100%)
    •    Hot Tub Aft deck -- replace Lifelines (20%)
    •    Enclosed room (Gym or Office) --walls to be replaced (0%)
    •    Enclosed room (Gym or Office) -- overhead materials to be replaced (0%)
    •    Enclosed room (Gym or Office) -- wiring to be replaced (80%)
    •    Enclosed room (Gym or Office) -- polish floor marble (80%)
    •    Enclosed room (Gym or Office) --Service, remove or replace auxillary fridges, wine cooler, etc (40%)
    •    Enclosed room (Gym or Office) -- overhead glass skylight re-sealed (0%)
    •    Day Head - paneling to be replaced (0%)
    •    Day Head - Detail, service and fix all plumbing and fixtures in head/sauna (0%)
    •    Fwd Table -- Polish table (0%)
    •    Fwd Table -- make table cover (0%)
    •    Fwd Table Teak - Extensive teak replacement (50%)
    •    Fwd Table Windscreen (in front of table) - replace broken perspex (broken by contractors, covered by their insurance) (50%)
    •    Fwd Table Lockers -- Black and Gray Water tank vents overhauled (to reduce smells) (100%)
Guest Area -- Skylounge Deck Aft:
    •    Replace and polish broken table (table broken by contractors, covered by their insurance), make table covers (50%)
    •    Polish and service overhead TV gas springs and support frame, reinstall TVs (80%)
    •    Design, fabricate and install automatic door between Upper Salon and Skylounge Deck Aft (80%)
    •    All teak sanded, re-leveled, re-caulked and replaced as necessary (0%)

Whole Vessel Systems and Issues
Testing and troubleshooting after engine room systems are installed and online:
    •    Electrical panels, breaker panels outside engine room -- Replace and reorganize as prudent and necessary (0%)
    •    Fresh water systems (hot, cold) - Fix all leaks, replace parts as prudent and necessary (0%)
    •    Sanitation systems - test and fix all toilets, sumps pumps for black and grey water (0%)
    •    Electronics - Test all Audio/Video systems.  Fix and replace as prudent and necessary and to the degree that owner wants (0%)
    •    Lighting -- switch over all halogen lightbulbs to safe LED lighting (0%)
    •    Overhead removal and re-install to tighten material after temperature controlled (0%)
    •    Service elevator, get working, inspect interior for heat damage, replace materials as needed (0%)

Teak and Holly Floor with inlaid woven carpet; Granite counter tops; Gray headliners and black panels; Helm station and seating for three. Separate radio room. Forward are the port and starboard watertight exit doors to the bow, port and starboard wing stations and bow sun pads.

Electronics and Navigation
    •    Bridge with eight glass touch screens and full Interface
    •    Autopilot
    •    Depth Sounder
    •    (2) VHF Radio
    •    SSB Radio
    •    Ships monitoring system
    •    Separate navigation light indicator panel
    •    Speed log
    •    Fax/copy machine
    •    Wireless ships intranet system
    •    Separate pilothouse stereo system
    •    Telephone System
    •    Satellite telephone System
    •    Computers
    •    Compass for backup
    •    Rudder angle indicator
    •    Wind speed indicator
    •    Wind/navigation system
    •    Ship monitor system
    •    Electronic controls (three stations:  Main helm and two wing stations)
    •    Dual steering system, including autopilot
    •    (4) trumpet horns
    •    Color radar
    •    Weather fax
    •    Stabilizers control
    •    TV Satellite System
    •    Fire control system for the entire interior
    •    Helm/bench seat
    •    2 Stidd chairs
    •    Chart table/navigation station
    •    4 navigation screens

Electrical System
    •     New electronic distribution panel
    •    24v DC system
    •    200 amp insulation transformer for 220v 3­phase
    •    (2) 80' Shore cords
    •    110v ­220v 3­phase AC system
    •    110v transformer
    •    Atlas worldwide power converter


Engine Room/Mechanical
    •    (2) fresh water tanks
    •    New watermaker
    •    New auto transfer to fuel system
    •    (9) fuel tanks
    •    (2)  New grey water tanks
    •    (2) black water tanks
    •    Separate engine room control panel
    •    Oil / water separator
    •    Redundant pumps for fluid systems
    •    Re-built waste treatment plant
    •    Diesel back-up air compressor

Deck Equipment
    •    Dual overhead dingy cranes
    •    Life rings
    •    Anchors
    •    Overhead launching cranes (for port and stbd. launching) serviced
    •     Passerelle
    •    Boarding ladder
    •    Electric windlasses w/ brakes and chain locks
    •    Stern capstans
    •    Fire fighting system
    •    Life jackets
    •    Liferafts
    •    Dive compressor
    •    Hot and cold shower at transom door
    •    Electric windlasses (aft deck)
    •    Dive platform

Aft on the Main Deck is the tender storage area with large overhead cranes and below is a hydraulic operated transom door with swim steps and dive board to access water.

36' Dakota with (2) Mercury Optimax 2 stroke 225hp, 34 mph, completely rebuilt 2012 with 175 hrs.
    •    New wiring
    •    New pumps
    •    New electronics
(2) 18' Nautica 2011
    •    70hp Yamaha 4 stroke on each, 50 hrs. since new







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Please contact John Schlicht Jr. at (631) 379-1465

Interested in this boat? Tel: (631) 379-1465

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