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William Garden Troller Conversion, Friday Harbor, WA

US$ 125,000

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Friday Harbor, WA
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US$ 125,000 

*****price reduction******Halcyon is a magnificent vessel for a few reasons. She gets attention. She routinely wins awards internationally and has been written about and photographed for Wooden Boat Magazine, Rod McClure's "Classic Wooden Motor Yachts" and other publications.
But that's not what makes her so special. Those professionals who recognize her merit for those organizations and publications are around very special boats for a living, as is this writer. Halcyon appeals to those who understand her forms which follow the functions, as well as non-boat people who simply appreciate her warm and inviting atmosphere inside.
Halcyon is a vessel of substance, which backs up her stunning lines and beautiful interior with ability, quality, and a visible tenacity which gives any who board her the desire to uncleat her lines and take off. Even her cabin top, matches her sheer line.
Halcyon is a show winner who spends her life parked outside. No boathouse, no covered moorage, and no leaks.
Once aboard Halcyon, you are a world away from anywhere. The desire to find an anchorage, light her oil lamp in her dining salon and crack open a book is ever present. Just having a boat gets you out on the water and those that know that experience, know how special it is. Time aboard Halcyon elevates that experience to a whole new level. Moving about on her is very different from the open-floorplan floating condos that abound at the boat shows. You never forget you are on a boat on Halcyon. You back down companionways, raise your feet over splash boards, etc. to those who have not actually owned a classic wooden vessel, the experience is very difficult to describe. If you have not spent the night on such a vessel, your best night's sleep is still ahead of you! For many of us, the whole point of a vessel such as Halcyon is to add a wonderful dimension to our lives. Rather than have a pilothouse that opens to a galley that opens to a salon that opens to an aft deck, take the time to get to know a classic boat and enjoy learning to have new experiences. Halcyon is furnished to right down to the antique telescope and period Navy Officers' china. Learn to back down a companionway, keep your clothes in odd places, play a game of cards at her dining table and enjoy truly escaping and rediscovering the pleasure of a simple cup of coffee in the morning at a quiet anchorage.
Halcyon's simple elegance and pure execution of design pulls them in. She is the ideal size for one or a couple to travel in and live on. She is the ideal size for ease of handling and access to anywhere you want to explore. Her redundancy is amazing. She has a main engine, which starts electrically on its own, a 2 cylinder engine which also starts on its own and is used to preheat the main engine. Here's one example of her versatility and readiness.....
If you are out and run her banks of batteries stone cold dead....you can start her with a rope. Ease the compression on her 2 cylinder engine, pull the rope and the 2 banger whirs to life, after the main is warmed by the smaller engine, engage the coupling and whir the main to life. What could have been a catastrophe on most other boats, was hardly an inconvenience aboard Halcyon. Her operating rpm's are low, producing a resonance--low, deep and comforting. She glides through the water at her 8 knots burning only 1.25 gph.
In this listing there are many, many detailed pictures. Her excellence is achieved through these details. Click on any picture and look at the details. The nuts on her engine have all been replaced with stainless ones. Her tank stick has been accurately marked and varnished. There is a place in your berth for your water bottle and your book. Her bronze ports keep her well ventilated and well-lit.
She is constructed of heavy fir planks on heavy oak frames with 2 inch decks. The exposed plank ends on her decks are protected by diamond plate aluminum. There's a bench in the engine room for your tools.Her working deck is amidships, where the effects of pitch and yaw are minimized, providing the most secure area for outdoor tasks on board. She is attractive enough to park in the marinas at your favorite cosmopolitan Northwest cruising destinations and equipped well enough to say good bye to civilization altogether for months at a time.
She is a 12 volt boat you can start with a rope. She is pure, capable, beautiful and ready.
I invite you to press the "full specs" button and cruise through her photos. You won't be disappointed. Financing at surprisingly low rates is available for those who desire it through several lenders which I can personally recommend.
Halcyon is offered complete with her horse hair wrapped antique telescope, navy Officer's china, and other heirloom-quality accessories. She is a show winner, but she is not fragile.
Halcyon is capable of providing you an escape for an hour in the sound, or a full season, up the inside passage. All for a price which, if financed, is comparable to that of an upscale automobile payment. Cook a nice meal in her galley, enjoy a nice glass of wine and a book on her at anchor, and I assure you that you will never look at life in quite the same way again.

Please call to discuss this vessel, or one of the vessels not currently advertised which are becoming available soon. Even if your acquisition is off in the future, there is information you should be considering and reviewing now. Allow us to guide you along the way and balance your requirements and tastes with the perfect vessel at the perfect price. Thanks so much for visiting, Walter

Please contact Walter Wallace at 360-379-3700

Interested in this boat? Tel: (360)710-3434
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