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Why Use a Broker to List and Sell your Boat

YachtWorld advertising services are only available to eligible yacht brokerage firms and dealerships representing multiple boats for sale on behalf of an owner/seller. We do not offer services directly to the individual owner/seller.

Owner/sellers can search for a broker in YachtWorld, or can seek to attract a broker.

Yacht brokers work much like real estate agents; they work hard to facilitate the sale of their listings and to protect and promote the interest of their clients. Some countries (and US states like California and Florida) require licensing of their yacht sales professionals. Most brokers in the US and Canada prefer to sign a "Central Agency Listing" with the owner/seller, providing the most value to all parties. Many brokers work co-operatively with most other brokers on a co-brokerage basis. Yacht brokers charge a commission when the vessel is sold, and the commission amount will be set in writing when the seller signs a listing agreement with the broker. If another broker brings a buyer to the table on a co-brokerage arrangement, the total commission will normally be shared between the brokers.

Brokers often specialize in boat types, sizes and regions, so choose a broker who already represents boats similar to yours, and who operates his or her business close to where your boat is located.

The Brokers Role for the Seller

Search for a broker by location.
Search for a boat similar to yours, then view the listing broker.