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Atomic 4 Engines - Service & Repairs, Surveys & Parts, Engine Recycling

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David's Yacht Service is the place to call for all your Atomic 4 Engine needs: Service or Repairs, Surveys or Parts, Engine Exchanges or Recycling or to have one checked out before you purchase it!

A good running Atomic 4 engine should PURRR. If your engine has rumbles, grumbles, rattles, or whines, there is probably something that needs fixed. Give David a call if you want to talk about it, or get an estimate to make your engine PURRR.

David's Yacht Service has many used Atomic Four engine parts available for resale. They are in good serviceable condition, and have been cleaned. Used parts are approximately 1/2 the cost of new parts. Reconditioned and Rebuilt Engines are also available for Exchange or Outright Purchase, subject to scheduling.

If you need a part for your Atomic Four engine, please contact us to see if we have what you need. Parts will be shipped after payment for the part and shipping and handling has been received. PayPal, Check, Cash, or Cashier's Check are acceptable. Local pick-up or delivery options are also available.

GREAT NEWS! New castings of manifolds and cylinder heads have been available to extend the life of your Atomic 4, but now, new castings of the engine block are available so the Atomic 4 power can live forever!

Office & Mail contact:
David's Yacht Service
107 East Alton Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92707
E-mail contact:
Phone contact: mobile/direct 949-933-9613
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Engine Survey / Inspection / Engine Analysis:
If you are purchasing a boat with an Atomic 4 and want it checked out first, or if you just bought one, David's Yacht Service can do an Engine Survey and let you know how the engine is running and what maintenance problems to expect. If your Atomic 4 doesn't run, or just isn't running right, and you are not mechanically inclined, David's Yacht Service can inspect your engine for problems and probable causes and give you a written condition report and estimate of repairs needed and costs. Frequently it is the little things that just need adjusted or fixed and then things run fine. Sometimes, it needs an overhaul.

Atomic 4 Engine Parts & Service:
If your boat is powered by an Atomic 4, you know that service is the key to its reliable performance. David's Yacht Service can provide you with the quality, reasonably priced service that you need from oil changes, tune ups, water pump or carburetor rebuilds, to major overhauls such as cylinder head gaskets, valve jobs, or engine rebuilds. Keep your Atomic 4 engine happy and it will keep you happy!

Sailboat to Sell -- But Atomic 4's Not Well????:
If you have a sailboat that you want to sell, but the motor does not run well, David's Yacht Service and Boat City Yacht Sales are just what you need!! We can get that motor running right while we market your boat. The buyer will have confidence in the boat, and know where to turn if he or she has a problem with it.

Engine Removal / Atomic 4 Engine Recycling Services:
If you have an old Atomic 4 engine or parts laying around your garage or boat in the LA/OC area or anywhere else in SoCal, Davids Yacht Service can remove it and haul it away for you for salvage and recycling. In many cases motors and parts are worth some money to you, depending on the parts or the motor's condition. Help keep the planet green! Let David's Yacht Service recycle your Atomic 4 Engine or Parts!

David's Yacht Service:
Please call David at 949-933-9613 mobile/direct to discuss your Atomic 4 engine's needs, or to have your old engine picked up or your old engine parts. Please leave a message if you miss me.


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