Yachtworld Experience

orsos island Floating Islands: A Different Kind of Liveaboard October 3rd 2015. If a yacht simply is not big enough, perhaps one of these floating islands would fit your needs.
Baltic 116 sailing superyacht Baltic 116: Performance Superyacht September 28th 2015. This stunning and beautiful superyacht is a product of the long-standing co-operation between Baltic Yachts, Nauta Design and Judel/Vrolijk.
lurssen Lürssen Ester III: Look and Dream September 12th 2015. Initial looks can be deceiving, as proven by Ester III, a new yacht Lürssen whose strong, masculine lines belie a genteel decor.
tender Dayboat, or Superyacht Tender? August 26th 2015. The trend of superyacht buyers adopting dayboats as their uber-tenders has led to a new category in the boating marketplace: the dual design.
British Virgin Islands harbor with boats. Photo: Neil Rabinowitz British Virgin Islands: Land Ho August 4th 2015. For a sailor, few things in life live up to chartering the British Virgin Islands.
minesweeper Own a Minesweeper: Cape, 1958 Bellingham August 2nd 2015. Who wouldn’t want to own a minesweeper?
Hampton yachts Performance Trawler: Hampton Yachts Endurance 658 July 25th 2015. The long history of Hampton Yachts culminates with the Endurance line.
azipods Yacht Yersin: Learn and Explore July 16th 2015. A man who grew up spellbound by the sea is now helping to preserve it, by using his yacht to help educate others.
white marlin Sportfishing Spectacular: Realize your Inner Angler July 2nd 2015. These images capture the essence of why people enjoy sportfishing - joy, excitement, and exhilaration are all on display.
Hinckley Picnic Boat classic Hinckley 36 Picnic Boat: A True Classic June 20th 2015. The first Hinckley Picnic Boat launched in 1994. Even with the current model MKIII up and running, the original is still in demand.