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Stancraft Wood Boats: Classic and Curvacious
Posted on April 22nd 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
Stancraft classic mahogany wooden boats are striking, in more ways than one.

Sycara IV: Modern Fantail Charm
Posted on March 4th 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
If ever there was a missing link along the evolutionary chain from sail to power, fantail cruisers have a strong case. These graceful beauties with ...

Sycara IV: Contemporary Classic
Posted on March 4th 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
This fantail yacht mixes old world charm and classic styling with Art Deco, and a dash of modern technology.

SAFE Boats: From Megayacht Tenders to Government Patrol
Posted on February 18th 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
If you spend time on American waterways you can’t miss those ubiquitous orange-collared Coast Guard patrol boats. There are more than a thousand government-issued SAFE (Secured ...

SAFE Boats: Secured All Around Flotation Equipped Life Savers
Posted on February 17th 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
If you ever need a rescue at sea, there's a good chance a SAFE boat will do the rescuing.

Sliver, the Sleek Speedster Sailboat
Posted on February 11th 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
Bob Perry designed Sliver to finish first and look slick in the process. The radically slender 62’ composite wood daysailer was a designer’s dream, forged ...

D’Natalin IV: Megayacht Magic
Posted on February 9th 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
Megayachts like this Christensen don't come along every day.

Sliver: Needle-Nosed Speedster
Posted on February 7th 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
A designer and an owner create a boat to both win and look great under sail.

D’Natalin IV: Megayacht by Christiansen
Posted on February 4th 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
Megayachts take time to create. The design and build process often occupies three to five demanding years from concept to completion. So when Christensen’s Shipyard ...

Wanderbird: Expedition in Waiting
Posted on January 28th 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
The trawler Wanderbird was the creation of George Baker. Baker’s family included sailors that had made ambitious voyages, and George planned to write his own ...