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British Virgin Islands: Land Ho
Posted on August 4th 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
For a sailor, few things in life live up to chartering the British Virgin Islands.

Baja: Nature that Nurtures
Posted on July 28th 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
Photographer Neil Rabinowitz captures the natural beauty of the Baja peninsula.

Performance Trawler: Hampton Yachts Endurance 658
Posted on July 25th 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
The long history of Hampton Yachts culminates with the Endurance line.

The Perfection of Desolation Sound
Posted on July 21st 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
An adventure up the coast to Desolation Sound may be the ultimate in vacations.

Maritimo M58: Ensconced in an Enclosed Flybridge Cruiser
Posted on June 24th 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
The Maritimo M58 mixes the enclosed flybridge design with comfortable cruising.

Maritimo M58: Enclosed Flybridge Cruiser Photo Tour
Posted on June 23rd 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
The idea for Maritimo yachts, which range from a 48 footer to the lavish Maritimo M73, originated on Australia’s Gold Coast, where warm winds and ...

Yachting Adventures in Nimmo Bay
Posted on June 1st 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
Nestled in a remote inlet along Canada’s British Columbia coast, Nimmo Bay is the ultimate adventure outpost for the Northwest cruiser. For decades this high-end ...

Stancraft Wood Boats: Classic and Curvacious
Posted on April 22nd 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
Stancraft classic mahogany wooden boats are striking, in more ways than one.

Sycara IV: Modern Fantail Charm
Posted on March 4th 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
If ever there was a missing link along the evolutionary chain from sail to power, fantail cruisers have a strong case. These graceful beauties with ...

Sycara IV: Contemporary Classic
Posted on March 4th 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
This fantail yacht mixes old world charm and classic styling with Art Deco, and a dash of modern technology.